Pelosi OK With Mass Mail-In Voting During Election But Demands In-Person Voting for Speaker

As a politician, Nancy Pelosi is known among members of her Democrat Party as being shrewd, calculating, and effective.

Among normal Americans, she’s best known as being a massive hypocrite.

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Prior to our recent highly controversial election, the Speaker was all-in for mass mail-in balloting on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NBC News reported in mid-April:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Monday that Democrats will push for a vote-by-mail provision in Congress’ next coronavirus relief package.

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In an interview on MSNBC’s LIVE with Stephanie Ruhle, Pelosi said that it’s important to protect the “life of our democracy” as the coronavirus crisis continues.

“In this next bill, we will be supporting vote by mail in a very important way — we think it’s a health issue at this point,” Pelosi said.

Democrats have been for weeks pushing mail-in voting before May and June primary contests— over a dozen of which have been postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus— and as they look ahead to the November election.

Because he’s a visionary (and he knows his political nemeses very well), President Donald Trump sounded the alarm early as well, telling Republicans they ought to never support such a potential vote fraud scheme (how prophetic).

But now, when Pelosi’s Speakership is on the line, the vote-by-mail queen is reversing course and demanding that Democrats show up to vote for her in person.

And GOP House Minority Leader and California colleague Kevin McCarthy is calling her out.

“Pelosi is fine with House Democrats skipping work if the votes are about legislation, but in January she will demand every Democrat show up—in person—to vote for her for Speaker,” McCarthy said. “Her message is clear: her power is more important than anything else.”

Fox News has more:

Pelosi faces a tight battle for reelection as Speaker as she deals with Democrats’ slimmer majority in the House of Representatives when the 117th Congress begins on Jan. 3. 

According to FOX News’ Chad Pergram, Democrats are likely to only hold a maximum of 222 out of 435 seats, while Republicans would have 213. In addition, Pelosi will have the additional challenge of the coronavirus pandemic preventing members from showing up to vote in person. 

House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, D-Mass., recently penned a missive to fellow House Democrats warning them about the need to report to the chamber to start the 117th Congress on Jan. 3. 

“Handing control of this chamber over to the Republicans would negate the will of the American people, block the Biden administration’s ambitious agenda, and continue President Trump’s disastrous policies long after he’s gone,” warned McGovern.

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‘Will of the people.’ What a joke.

‘The people’ voted for President Trump to be reelected; it would be poetic justice if Republicans somehow managed to steal the speakership from Democrats.

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