Pelosi Pushes Radical Ideas In Next Stimulus Package; “We Have To Think Big”

House Democrats have refused to return to Washington to do their jobs but are getting ready to unleash the mother of all far-left giveaways upon Americans who are being held hostage. 

Led by spiteful Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the radicals in the lower chamber of Congress are determined that the next coronavirus stimulus package will include money for a radical remaking of the nation that they could never achieve at the ballot box. 


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While millions of Americans are suffering in quiet desperation due to the coronavirus lockdowns - most onerous in Democrat-controlled states - and businesses are crumbling, the Democrats are exploiting the outbreak to ram through a veritable wish list for their base. 

According to a Politico report, Pelosi addressed fellow Dems in a Monday afternoon call and stated that “We have to think big,” as Rahm Emanuel's insistence to never let a good "crisis go to waste" is their guiding principle. 

Any package will certainly include the Democrats' biggest wet dream of them all - vote by mail which will be hastily implemented and will be an invitation for fraud and cheating in the way of ballot harvesting. 

Via Politico, "Democrats aim to squeeze Republicans on next coronavirus relief package'":

Top House Democrats on Monday signaled they are forging ahead with the next sweeping coronavirus relief package, aiming to increase the pressure on GOP leaders who have rejected Democratic priorities in previous aid bills.

On a private call with members Monday afternoon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her deputies sketched the outline of a trillion-dollar-plus package that would deliver aid to state and local governments — some on the brink of public service cuts — while shoring up safety-net programs for the nation’s most vulnerable.

“We have to think big,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) told her members several times on the call.

What Pandora's Box of horrors is Pelosi prepared to unleash? 

Front groups backed by liberal billionaire George Soros are looking to use the current crisis to implement socialism under the guise of the Green New Deal which isn't dead yet. 

According to Breitbart News, "Green New Deal, Healthcare for Illegals: Soros-Funded Groups Push Dems to Use Virus to Achieve Progressive Wish List":

A coalition of progressive groups, many funded by billionaire George Soros, is sponsoring a “People’s Bailout” community organizing outfit nudging Congress to use the next stimulus package during the coronavirus crisis to enact reforms that would fundamentally transform American society by achieving longtime progressive aims.

In the spirit of the repurposed progressive anthem of never letting a crisis go to waste, the suddenly created People’s Bailout group is demanding that the next stimulus package adhere to “five principles” the group says are endorsed by “nearly 1,000 organizations, unions, and community leaders, and nearly 100 members of Congress.”

Those “principals” encompass such far-left wish list items as government healthcare for illegal immigrants, required $15 per hour minimum wage, enhanced union collective bargaining and government regulation of the board of directors of private companies to ensure “worker representation.”

Also within the “five principles” list are “direct sizable cash payments to every person” and the use of stimulus legislation to push what would amount to a massive “green” new deal.

The “green” section calls for public funds to (below are direct quotes):

  • expand wind and solar power
  • build clean and affordable public transit
  • weatherize our buildings
  • manufacture more clean energy goods
  • expand public services that support climate resilience,
  • [reduce] climate emissions and toxic pollution.

Using progressive key words, the group exclaims that a “people’s bailout should be rooted in justice” and “we demand the bailout provide a just recovery.”

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The group is pushing the #PeoplesBailout hashtag and has gone so far as to provide activists with wording to use in social media posts directed at lawmakers.  

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to hold the line against Pelosi and her mob's obscene demands but the House Democrats are going to put the squeeze on Americans who are little more than pawns in an increasingly evil game.