Pelosi's Super Bowl Prediction Was The Kiss Of Death For This Team

The Baltimore Ravens can take no comfort that they were one of the two teams that Speaker Nancy Pelosi picked to go to the Super Bowl and players can be forgiven if they are cursing her name today.  

Firmly ensconced in her San Francisco mansion and a big fan fan of the local 49ers, Pelosi retains a soft spot in her dark heart for Baltimore, a city that she is from and one where her father Thomas D'Alesandro Jr. was a mayor who headed up the Democrat political machine. 


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This week Pelosi spoke to the media and offered up her choices for the NFL's title game, a dream match-up of the 13-3 San Francisco 49ers and the 14-2 Baltimore Ravens with their electrifying young quarterback Lamar Jackson. 

Via CBS San Francisco:

Pelosi, who was born into the D’Alesandro family and grew up in Baltimore, was asked about a possible Ravens-49ers Super Bowl matchup. Those two teams met in Super Bowl XLVII with Baltimore winning 34-31.

“We’ve had a Baltimore-San Francisco Super Bowl,” she said. “That was hard because I had been rooting for both teams all along and again going to the 49ers game [NFC playoff game] and watching Baltimore on TV right there in the stadium. So what happened, they both win — nobody was in a more difficult position than I was except the mother of the coaches [Jim Harbaugh was coaching the 49ers and John Harbaugh the Ravens] and you saw what happened at that game.”

“The D’Alesandros from Baltimore can all dressed in purple and the Pelosis from San Francisco all came in red. We had a lovely family reunion,” she continued. “This time I hope we get a similar result. I was scheduled to be in Florida for Super Bowl weekend. So I’m all set — one way or the other.”

Needless to say, after Saturday's stunning upset by the giant killer Tennessee Titans over the heavily favored Ravens, there will be no Super Bowl party for the D’Alesandros and the Pelosis. 

Despite the endorsement of the most powerful woman in American politics, the Ravens choked on a national stage in a manner that would do Hillary Clinton proud, going down in flames by a 28-12 score that was far closer than the actual game. 

The AFC champs were never in sync as Jackson crumbled under pressure with three turnovers and more erratic passes than Jameis Winston in his worst game of the year. 

The Ravens had no answer for Tennessee's bulldozing running back Derrick Henry who racked up 195 rushing yards in an old school performance worthy of comparisons to Jim Brown and other players from a bygone era. 

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In fact, the Ravens were so completely dominated, that Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill only had to throw for 88 yards. 

Ironically, it was the same amount of yardage that Hall Of Famer Bob Griese passed for when he put the capper on the 1972 Miami Dolphins' prefect season when he relied on powerhouse runner Larry Csonka to carry the load. 

Ravens players were dazed to the extend that one even compared the carnage to being in a violent car accident that you never see coming. 

Fans were even more stunned as they filed out of M&T Bank Stadium into the crime-ridden, rat-infested streets of Elijah Cummings' former congressional district and there was many a mean drunk in Charm City last night. 

Pelosi's kiss of death didn't extend to her hometown 49ers as San Francisco pulverized the hapless Minnesota Vikings and unless her endorsement has a carryover effect to next Sunday's NFC Championship game, should make it to Miami for the Super Bowl.