Pelosi Tries Desperately To Get This Video Removed From The Internet; It’d Be A Shame If It Kept Going Viral

Nancy Pelosi may have thought she was throwing “red meat” to her radical left base when she tore up a copy of Trump’s State of the Union Address, but that decision is backfiring on her in more ways than one.

The mental image of Pelosi throwing a temper tantrum is hands down some of the worst optics you can possibly imagine for the Democrat party, mainly because the speech she tore up was full of inspiring stories that even Trump-hater Ana Navarro called “poignant American moments”.

In order to send a message to Pelosi, TurningPointUSA created a video that put emphasis on the powerful stories that were included in the speech that she tore up and disrespected.

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President Trump then threw kerosene on the fire by sharing this powerful video on Twitter, causing it to go massively viral.

It is a very simple video. They play a clip of one of the emotional and moving stories that Trump highlighted in his speech, and then cut to the video of Pelosi ripping the document. Pretty simple video editing if you ask me, and there is NOTHING deceptive about it.

Watch the video here for yourself and make sure you help it KEEP GOING VIRAL:

Once it started going viral, Pelosi and her office tried to get it REMOVED from social media, saying that it is “deceptively edited”. Thankfully, the tech giants did not budge because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

If you want a pretty good cliff notes version of the conflict at hand, check out this Twitter thread from Benny Johnson of TurningPointUSA:

After liberals on social media whined and complained about the video, a Facebook spokesperson replied and said that the videos would NOT be removed because they dont violate any policies.

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CNBC quoted Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone as saying “I can confirm for you that the video doesn’t violate our policies.

Stone even took to Twitter to explain why the video is 100% legit:

As you see above, Stone reasoned that Facebook’s policies apply when an edited video makes it appear a person said something they didn’t say or did something they didn’t do. 

“The reason I was making the point about the fact that the things featured in this video actually happened is because that’s a key element of our policy on content like this.”

Folks, the action plan here is very simple.

Nancy Pelosi wants us to stop sharing a video that makes her look really bad.

Therefore, you know what to do…