Pelosi Will Let Biden Violate His Own Mask Mandate During Wednesday’s Congressional Speech

Within hours of stepping into office on January 20th, Joe Biden signed an executive order that would help enforce a mask mandate on federal property (even though masks were already required on federal property). Then, within hours of signing the Executive Order, he broke his own rules while visiting the Lincoln Memorial.

Now, he’s about to break his own rules again, and Pelosi is giving him the free pass.

Despite strict mask rules being forced on the House floor, Nancy Pelosi is giving Biden permission to go maskless during his Congressional speech on Wednesday.

Keep in mind, this is the same man who wore a mask on a ZOOM call.

Here’s the scoop from Breitbart:

“Pelosi’s strict masking rules will not apply to President Biden, according to a senior Democrat official.

“The mask rule applies to Members of Congress only,” the official said in response to a request from Breitbart News.

Biden typically wears a mask as he arrives at events at the White House, but removes it as he speaks publicly in front of cameras, despite his own mask mandate on federal property. He frequently forgets to put his mask back on after speaking and exits the room without wearing a mask.”

Rules for thee, but not for me!

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