Pence: All That Stands Between America And The Mob Is President Trump

With less than four months to go until the election, the stakes have never been higher and President Trump is all that stands between America and a radicalized Democratic party looking for vengeance.

That is the situation according to Vice President Mike Pence who warned that Joe Biden, the party's presumptive nominee is little more than an empty vessel and a Trojan Horse for the most extreme elements of the left. 


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The devoutly Christian Pence laid out the reality of the situation while on the campaign trail this week in a series of interviews where he discussed a wide range of topics but none as important as the fact that Trump is the only thing between decent Americans and the angry mobs. 

In a talk with the Washington Examiner, the veep emphasized that President Trump will uphold the law, unlike Biden who in the grip of what clearly appears to be senility, is merely a front man for extremists, one of which will be his running mate. 

 Via The Washington Examiner, "Pence declares only Trump can save America and its history from the mob":

President Trump was the last line of defense between law-abiding people and a dangerous, left-wing mob intent on toppling statues and ripping the nation apart, according to Vice President Mike Pence.

“When rioters were setting fire to one of the oldest churches in America and defacing our national monuments, Joe Biden sent out a press release. President Trump sent in the National Guard,” Pence said Thursday in an exclusive interview aboard his campaign bus with the Washington Examiner.

“The contrast with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi is, this is a president who understands our commitment is to uphold the rule of law — law and order,” said Pence, who spoke as he completed a swing through Pennsylvania, a battleground critical to Trump’s reelection prospects.

“Nancy Pelosi said today in a press conference, when she was asked about rioters pulling down a statue in her hometown of Baltimore, something to the effect of: ‘They will do what they will do.’”

Pence is referring to Pelosi's mind-boggling response to the vandalism of a statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore, a deteriorating city where he father was once the mayor. 

Pelosi's comments leave little doubt as to why no leading Democrat has denounced the violent insurrection by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, both of which serve as the paramilitary arm of a party that no longer believes in the American system. 

Via the transcript:

Examiner: Yes: "People will do what people will do."

Pence: Well, the president of the United States takes an oath to see that the laws are faithfully executed, not to say that "people that break the law will do what they will do." And I think when the American people face this choice, they're going to know that whether it's jobs, whether it's our national security, whether it's commitment to conservative principles, conservative judges, and a commitment to law and order that President Donald Trump is the right choice for the American people.

Examiner: A question related to that that I wanted to ask you: Do you think it's a mistake, or has been a mistake, to equate the removal and tearing down of Confederate figures who tried to rip the Union asunder to the founders who, however flawed, laid the foundation for the kind of country that we are and are trying to be? In other words, you can complain about Jefferson, but he wrote the Declaration that we all aspire to be. Confederates and those honored tried to rip that all up, and I'm wondering if you think it's a mistake to conflate the two, even though mob violence tearing down any statutes is not how things should be done.

Pence: I think tearing down statues is not a protest. Engaging in public debate in your community about what appropriate displays are is the American way, and I wouldn't begrudge any community or any state to determine what people ought to be remembered and memorialized.

Examiner: Do you, personally, see a difference?

Pence: What I see when I think of American history is a steady march toward a more perfect union. From the founding of the country, we articulated a set of ideals that were not real at the time, but they were aspirational, and I think those high ideals by God's grace have resulted in the American people moving ever forward through a bloody Civil War that ended slavery on the continent, through two world wars, through a civil rights movement, that we celebrate the incredible progress to the present [inaudible.] I truly do believe that this is the greatest nation on Earth and that what the president said at Mount Rushmore was about, "We are going to celebrate our history as a steady march for the fulfillment of the ideals that Americans cherish."

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Pence also sat for an interview with the mighty conservative outlet Breitbart News:

“The only thing standing between the American people and the agenda of the far left is four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House,” Pence told Breitbart News on his and Trump’s campaign bus here in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

“I really believe that the American people know our President is a fighter and, as he said when he stood before Mount Rushmore, we’re going to fight for our military, we’re going to fight for a strong economy, we’re going to fight for all the liberties and values the American people cherish most. But also we’re going to fight for America. We’re going to fight for all of the values and ideals and traditions of this country, which, again, to hear Joe Biden talk is to—he speaks about transforming America. President Donald Trump and I in our first three years – we were renewing America. We were making America great again and building on the foundation of all that’s best about this country. But Joe Biden is driven by the agenda of the radical left. It’s an agenda to transform America.”

For Americans who still don't understand the gravity of the situation - the republic itself will be the next to be toppled unless President Trump is given four more years followed by another four of President Pence.