Perdue University President Stands Up to Red China after It Threatens a Pro-Democracy Student

As China increases its efforts to control the conversation in the West, using everything from radio stations to deals with Amazon to push its weight around overtly and everything from subterfuge to MSS (the CCP’s secret police) agents to push the party line covertly, standing up to the Reds is becoming more and more important.

Unfortunately, many Americans, especially on the left, either side with China or don’t recognize the stakes. Rather than standing up to the Red Dragon, they keep their opinions hidden or back down if they accidentally say the wrong thing.

Fortunately, however, a brave few are willing to stand up to the Chinese menace. One such brave soul is the president of Perdue University, Mitch Daniels, who stood up to China after it attempted to terrorize a pro-democracy student.

At Perdue, there is a brave student named Zhihao Kong who stood up to the CCP, boldly praising the bravery of the student protesters murdered during the Tiananmen Square protest.

Shortly afterward, the student’s family received a visit from MSS personnel and he was bullied and viciously slandered by other Chinese students at Perdue. He told ProPublica that he thought many of them were Chinese informants and spies.

Then, later, his family was again harassed by MSS after he was invited to speak on the Tiananmen Square protests.

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In such a situation, many university presidents would have backed down and submitted to the CCP, which wields immense influence on many American campuses.

Mr. Daniels, however, didn’t. Instead of bending the knee to the CCP, he threatened the CCP spies on campus, saying:

“If those students who issued the threats can be identified, they will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Likewise, any student found to have reported another student to any foreign entity for exercising their freedom of speech or belief will be subject to significant sanction.”

He added that while all are welcome on Perdue’s campus, those who do attend must respect its values, especially freedom of inquiry and expression and that “Those seeking to deny those rights to others, let alone to collude with foreign governments in repressing them, will need to pursue their education elsewhere.

Responding, Kong told Radio Free Asia that “President Daniels’ courage to safeguard freedom of speech is admirable.

The CCP’s tentacles are creeping into America’s institutions. We need more men like Daniels that are willing to call them out and chop them off.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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