Polish-American Warns About Communism: What Matters is ‘Who Counts the Votes’

Leftist academics and professors are getting away with indoctrinating (brainwashing) America’s youth about the ‘wonders’ of socialism and, really, Communism because they have never lived under such systems.

The talk about “equality” sounds inviting and enchanting, despite the fact that America is already the ‘land of equality.’ 

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Words like ‘equity’ and phrases like ‘social justice’ are all meant to convey two things: 1) that America isn’t equitable or ‘just,’ and 2) our current republican form of government and its capitalist system will never achieve those objectives.

But to those who now live in America but who have had first-hand experience with Communism and socialism, these words are phrases are precursors to suffering, angst, and tyranny, as evidenced by the recent election.

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A Polish-American who only identified himself as Tom told NTD on Saturday during a rally in Washington, D.C., in support of President Donald Trump that what he sees taking place now in key battleground states reminds him of a Poland under former Soviet rule.

“My family and I came from communism, and what we’re noticing here is really heartbreaking … that no matter who votes, it’s who counts the votes [that matters], the old saying goes,” he said.

“In this election, with so many [sic] fraud we see, with the lawsuits … it’s overwhelming, and it’s really heartbreaking that this is happening in America,” Tom said.

“In Poland, we went from communism to post-communism,” he said of his home country. “All the old people just basically ‘changed ties,’ as it were. There was never a decommunization of Poland. That’s why we left. And again, to see this kind of resurrected here where your vote doesn’t count, it’s really dumbfounding.”

“That’s what we’re struggling [with] right now in Poland. There was a big push for the president to decommunize the courts.

“Those communist judges, they just change ties, as it were. But they’re still ruling, they’re still in courts. But here, you still expect the courts to be independent. Hopefully, there’s no communists in the United States courts—well that’s debatable—but there’s some similarities that unfortunately I myself see and people like myself see.”

Is that what he sees happening to America?

“That’s what myself and my family coming from that system [in Poland] is worried about—how deeply this was rooted here for decades that the indoctrinating, it’s … you have to believe in God, that’s your last resort.”

The Trump campaign has alleged in several states that there was enough fraud and other election irregularities, especially with electronic voting machines, to have swayed them for Joe Biden. But thus far, dozens of court cases have failed largely because judges have refused to believe the people who have signed hundreds of sworn affidavits attesting to fraud they actually witnessed.

These court losses have allowed the president’s detractors to claim – falsely – that ‘no fraud occurred and that his legal team ‘has no evidence’ to ‘prove’ it did.

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Isn’t that what sworn witness affidavits are designed to do – support the allegations? 

Not anymore, apparently. 

That, combined with a healthy dose of cowardice, and we’re left with the biggest political fraud perpetrated on the country ever.

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