Politico Laments Trump's Re-Election Chances; "Coronavirus Blew Up The Plan To Take Down Trump"

Politico correspondent David Siders is starting to get very worried.

He and his liberal fanatics at politico are lamenting the fact that President Trump's approval ratings are higher than ever, and they're blaming the Coronavirus.


In his new story titled "How coronavirus blew up the plan to take down Trump", Siders is lamenting the fact that the Coronavirus has taken the control out of the hands of the Democrats.

"Donald Trump’s reelection is likely to rise or fall on his handling of the pandemic. And there isn’t much Democrats can do about it," Siders wrote.

Here's more from Siders' column:

For many Democrats, it’s the election of a lifetime. Yet the question preoccupying the party for several days this month was whether their presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, could get the webcast working in his rec room.

It was a telling obsession, one that revealed the extent of the party’s anxiety as it comes to a nail-biting conclusion: Despite all the arguments Democrats have crafted and all the evidence they have amassed against Donald Trump, his reelection is likely to rise or fall on his handling of the coronavirus crisis and its fallout alone.

“It’s the most dramatic example I can think of in my lifetime about how you cannot control the agenda,” said Les Francis, a Democratic strategist and former deputy White House chief of staff in the Carter administration.

“If life were fair,” he said, Trump would already be paying a price for his chaotic handling of the pandemic. Instead, the president’s approval rating has not taken a hit, and the dominant images are of him “at the podium in the White House, quote, in charge,” Francis said. “If those stick and they’re not countered effectively, he could get reelected."

Former Biden speechwriter Matthew Littman worries that the Coronavirus chaos is forcing voters to forget about "other issues" and only focus on having a "competent leader", which Trump is demonstrating he is:

“No one is looking at this point for the most exciting race to take place between Biden and Trump," said Littman. "They’re just looking for a really competent leader...It’s like being in a war. When that happens, if an asteroid hits the Earth, other issues go out the window. This is where we are as a country.

According to Siders' column, Howard Dean had this to say:

"The referendum was going to be about things like climate change and how you want to reform health care and all these other things. Now it’s only going to be about this one thing — whether Trump is competent and sane.”

It's clear that Democrats are worried about President Trump's re-election chances. His approval ratings are climbing by the day, he's speaking directly to the American people, and there is nothing that liberals can do about it.

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