Poll: 4 Out Of 5 Black Americans Against Cutting Policing Of Their Communities

President Donald Trump has proven that he is the law and order candidate.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Democrats have essentially gone all-in on the "Defund the Police" movement.


And a new poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans are against cutting police from their communities.

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The Daily Wire reports:

Gallup released a poll on Wednesday that found that 81% of black people want police spending the same amount of time or more in their communities. That number compares to 88% for white Americans, 83% for Hispanic Americans, and 72% for Asian Americans. The whole U.S. population measures at 86%.

The Gallup web survey involved 36,463 U.S. adults and responses were taken between June 23 and July 6. The people polled are roughly representative of the U.S. demographic breakdown of white, black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans. The poll’s margin of error is 1.4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.

The survey also noted that black Americans, more than any other racial group, are more likely to see police in their communities. 73% of black respondents said they see police in their communities sometimes or very often, which is eight points higher than the national average of 65%.

The poll also measured the amount of confidence Americans have that an encounter with the police will go well. Black Americans responded 18% very confident, 43% somewhat confident, 27% not too confident, and 12% not confident at all. Those numbers skew more toward the not-confident end than the general public, which measures at 48%, 37%, 11%, and 4%, respectively.

“The slightly elevated frequency with which Black Americans see police in their neighborhood has limited impact on their preferences for changing the local police presence,” Gallup notes. “About a third of Black Americans who say they often see the police in their neighborhood think the police should spend less time there (34%); however, the majority of adults in this group think they should spend the same amount of time (56%) or more time (10%).”

“Black Americans’ preference for the amount of time police spend in their area is modestly related to their expectation about receiving fair treatment,” Gallup notes. “However, 59% of the relatively small group of Black Americans who are ‘not at all confident’ that the police would treat them with courtesy and respect want the police to spend less time in their neighborhood.”

“The majority of all other Black Americans, including those who are ‘not too confident’ about receiving considerate police treatment, want the police to spend the same amount of time, with additional percentages favoring more time,” Gallup adds.

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Last month, more than 100 law enforcement agencies pulled out of security agreements to send personnel to help with security at the Democratic National Convention, the Associated Press reported

The DNC convention is no longer happening, but the point stands.


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