POLL: More People Trust Trump Than Biden to Handle Coronavirus/Economy

According to a new poll, more Americans trust President Donald Trump to handle to coronavirus pandemic than they would trust former Vice President Joe Biden.

A recently released poll from the Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 45% of Americans trust President Trump to handle the pandemic while 43% trust Biden.


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Check out what Breitbart had to say:

Biden is pristine. Hiding in his basement. Hiding in a bubble where he’s fawned over by interviewers like Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, and Nicole Wallace. At this point, he’s exactly what everyone wants him to be, whatever you want to project onto him you can project onto him.

Biden’s facing no challenges. The media will not ask him tough questions. He has yet to explain his opposition to Trump’s January 31 travel ban, which stopped hundreds of thousands of travelers from epidemic areas from entering our country. Both Biden and the media — Biden as late as March 12! — attacked these bans as xenophobic and racist.

Granted, Biden’s brain freezes have been legion and disturbing, but the fake news media are able to cover those up (for now), even as they go viral on social media.

In the meantime, billions and billions of corporate media dollars are being spent to annihilate Trump, to undermine his efforts to stop the coronavirus pandemic, to blame the pandemic on him; and this allows China Joe to sit in his Delaware mansion and tee off on the guy in the arena while Chuck Todd asks layups about the blood Trump supposedly has on his hands.

According to the same poll, President Trump and Biden are in a statistical tie for the upcoming 2020 election.

"Among registered voters, Biden leads Trump 49% to 47% in the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, well within the statistical margin of error of 3.5 points," the Daily Caller reports. "The 2% represents a significant upsurge from the poll’s February gap of 7% — Biden’s 52% to Trump’s 45% — and comes at a time of positive polling regarding the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic."

While Biden does have a slight lead, the "enthusiasm gap" is favored towards President Trump as 86% of Trump voters have said they are enthusiastic about him while only 74% of Biden voters are enthusiastic about him.

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One interesting piece of data that came from the poll was how President Trump recieved a 14-point surge in support from white women who did not go to college.

“More telling is the gap in the intensity of that enthusiasm, which can translate into who turns out to vote and who might not,” The Washington Post reported. “Among registered voters who support Trump, 55 percent say they are very enthusiastic about backing him while 32 percent say they are somewhat enthusiastic. Among Biden’s supporters, a far smaller 28 percent say they are very enthusiastic while 46 percent are somewhat enthusiastic.”

The Daily Caller continues:

The Post also noted that the enthusiasm deficit is potentially “worrisome” for Biden given the fact that Mitt Romney, John McCain and John Kerry all trailed their presidential opponents in enthusiasm at this point in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 elections.

The poll found 57% of Americans approving and only 38% disapproving of how Trump is handling the economy, despite the temporary coronavirus-related shutdowns.

Meanwhile, the latest ABC News/Washington Post presidential approval poll, released Friday, showed the president with 48% approval and 46% disapproval, the first net-positive ever for that particular poll.

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