Poll On Biden’s Chaotic Afghan Exit Not Good News for President

A significant majority of Americans believe the country is now more vulnerable to terrorist attacks after the manner in which the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan under orders from President Joe Biden.

Most now believe the disorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan has increased the probability that the United States will be again be victimized by “another 9/11 style terror attack,” while most also think the administration is ill-suited to protect the country.

The poll, which was conducted with Convention of States Action, found that 56.8% of voters believe the pullout from Afghanistan has heightened the chances of a major terrorist event, with 41.9% of them believing an attack is “much more likely.

Meanwhile, only 19.5% think that the manner in which the evacuations were handled makes an attack less likely, while 22.8% said the withdrawal won’t have any effect on whether new attacks are likely.

“Second, 55.6% of American voters say that based on the president’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis, they are not confident that this administration has the capability to lead the country,” Just The News reported, citing the survey.

“Just under 44% of American voters disagree, saying the handling of the Afghan issue encourages confidence in the administration, but Biden still finds himself underwater among the general voter base, in addition to key Democratic constituencies, including women,” the report added.

Mark Meckler, who heads up Convention of States Action, said he thinks the second statistic is more noteworthy in terms of how most Americans view Biden’s ability to lead the country over the long term.

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“The deeper issue this reveals is the utter lack of confidence the public now has in the Biden Administration’s ability to lead the country,” Meckler said.

“No matter what the issue, the utter incompetence of Afghanistan is dragging his numbers down across the board,” he added.

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