Poll Shows Cratering Trust in Media, CDC to Give Us Accurate Info About COVID-19

If you’re someone who doesn’t believe much the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the ‘mainstream media’ tell you about the COVID-19 pandemic – death tolls, positive test rates, etc. – you’re certainly not alone.

And in fact, the number of Doubting Thomas’s among the American public regarding the veracity of claims made by the CDC and the media’s reporting on the subject are increasing.

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The Daily Caller reports that a new survey has found that distrust is rising as the public grows weary of being locked down, forced to wear masks, endure live sporting events in venues filled with cardboard cutouts of ‘fans,’ and navigate conflicting reports about the virus:

Roughly 54% of voters trust the CDC for reliable information about the virus, a 30 percentage point drop from March, when 86% of voters said the same thing, the CBS poll showed. Fewer voters also trust the national media to provide good information about coronavirus, or COVID, according to the poll, which was conducted between Sept. 2-4 and sampled 2,493 registered voters nationwide. …

The poll, which carries a plus or minus 2.4 point margin of error, also showed trust in Trump’s ability to relay good information about the virus is falling, though by a smaller amount than trust in either the media and CDC. About 40% of voters polled trust the president on pandemic information, marking a drop of 6 percentage points since March, when 46% of voters said they trusted what Trump said on the virus.

Interestingly, survey respondents, CBS claims, believe Biden will deliver a safe vaccine more than Trump, though the president has been at the forefront calling for researchers to expedite one by likening it to the Manhattan Project during World War II in the production of the first atomic bomb.

But those surveyed do trust the president more so than the media to deliver them with reliable information. That’s really a stinging rebuke for an industry that is supposed to be fact-based and reliable but which has lost most all of its remaining credibility in the age of Trump, when hatred of the man and disdain for his style of governance overrules sound decision-making and any desire to get things right.

There’s more. 

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“An Axios-Ipsos poll published in July showing 31% of Americans believed at the time that the number of deaths is lower than what is being reported. A total of 58% of Republicans and 9% of Democrats believe the number of deaths is less than the actual count, the July poll showed,” The Daily Caller reported.

“Only 16% of Republicans said the number is more than what is being reported, while more than 60% of Democrats said the same, according to the Axios poll.”

In fact, the official death toll is suspect because anyone who tests positive for the disease and dies from any natural cause is counted as a coronavirus death, per the CDC. 

We’ve never counted a viral death toll like that before; why are we doing so now?