Poll: Voters Want Companies to Sell Things, Not Push Wokeness

America’s companies seem fully intent on selling wokeness rather than products. Whether it’s changing their corporate image to a rainbow version on social media (except on the Middle East-focused accounts), hiring based on “diversity” rather than merit, or pushing any other form of leftism via what decor is chosen, what messages are promulgated on corporate America, and what causes (like BLM) are donated too, corporations are pushing leftism in any way they can.

That’s a major problem for them, because a recent poll showed that Americans would much rather their corporations sell products rather than wokeness.

That poll, conducted by Rasmussen and the Heartland Institute and titled “Voters Reject Great Reset Agenda,” the poll found that most voters believe that “Business should focus on traditional goals like consumer service and profit, rather than the social justice and environmentalist agenda of the “Great Reset” movement.

To begin with, the poll found that the vast majority of consumers think that businesses should focus on business-related activities first, with a near majority saying that selling high-quality goods at the lowest prices should be their focus and about ~37% of consumers thinking businesses should either focus on employees or profits:

45% of Likely U.S. voters believe the highest priority for businesses should be providing individual consumers with high quality products and services at the lowest prices. Another 23% think businesses should prioritize providing good benefits and pay to employees, and 14% say earning a profit to benefit shareholders or owners should be the top priority.

By comparison, the poll found that “Only nine percent (9%) of voters think trying to stop climate change should be the top priority for business, and a mere one percent (1%) think using business resources to pursue social justice causes should be a top priority.

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Still that’s not all. The WEF and the coterie of global elites that support it and Klaus Schwab have been pushing the idea of a “Great Reset” on the public for a while now, claiming that their solutions will fix all of our problems and make us happier. But average people aren’t buying it, as Rasmussen reports:

The World Economic Forum has promoted the “Great Reset” movement as a global economic strategy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that seeks to change the priorities of capitalism. Only 29% of voters are familiar with the Great Reset, while 44% say they aren’t familiar with the movement, and 27% are not sure. Of those familiar with the movement, a majority (52%) are opposed to the Great Reset, while only 21% say they Strongly Favor it.

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