Portland Cops Retiring in RECORD Numbers as 'Antifistan' Continues to Spiral Out of Control

If you’ve been keeping up with events since the George Floyd incident in May, you know that there have been ongoing ‘protests’ and ‘demonstrations’ practically every day since.

Nowhere has the unrest been as potent or ongoing as Portland, Ore. And while the ‘mainstream media’ and their Democrat Party allies continue to try to downplay what’s been happening there, a phenomenon is developing that proves the violence and unrest is real.


The Portland Police Bureau has been dealing with the misnamed ‘antifa’ and its Marxist anarchist allies for years now, but the violence has been particularly pronounced in recent months. 

Worse, the department is subject to the ‘leadership’ of a Left-wing city council and a mayor who believe that sustained anarchy disguised as ‘peaceful protests’ is what most residents of the city want.

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But cops have had enough, and they’re leaving in droves.

Referring to Portland as “Antifastan,” PJ Media reports:

The cops are tapping out.

Portland – Antifistan – is on pace to lose the most cops ever to retirement.

So far this month, 15 Portland police officers have put in their official paperwork to retire at the end of the month. That sounds like a trifle, but there have been multiple appointments made to finalize the paperwork for more retiring cops that haven’t been counted in that number. The Bureau is on-trend to lose a “record number” of officers – maybe as many as 42 by the end of the month, and 100 by the end of the year, according to multiple knowledgeable officers who spoke to PJ Media.

An executive with the Portland Fire & Police Disability & Retirement department tells me that “this is probably the biggest [number of retirements] we’ve ever had.”

PJ Media correspondent Victoria Taft noted that while COVID-19 and some other issues played a role in the retirements, by far it’s the non-stop protests and the fact that officers’ hands have been tied by Left-wing fools who are eventually going to be responsible for turning the city into a Mad Max version of its current self.

The retired officer said "both the City and the population are anti-police. They made it plain that we are wasting our time wishing we could help out in some way because the goals have nothing to do with getting a police mission done or with stopping what is happening in Portland.”

Did you catch that? The Portland population is also anti-cop (until they need one, of course). That’s why Marxists like Mayor Ted Wheeler and the anarchist city council members keep getting elected. 

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They are ruling a city of like-minded bots.

Well, that’s going to catch up to everyone at some point. Lawlessness begets lawlessness, and at some point, the anarchy will begin consuming larger portions of the city and the people living in it.

Meantime, other departments around the country dealing with anti-cop Leftists in city government are leaving in droves as well, as recruitment – already down thanks to Obama’s relentless anti-police actions – continues to tank as well.

Always remember: The Left can’t ‘fundamentally transform’ a country that is stable. They have to have chaos in order for the people to ‘demand change,’ which is always Marxist authoritarianism.