“Post-Constitutional America”: Levin Sounds Off on Biden’s Banana Republic [WATCH]

Fox News Channel’s Mark Levin ripped apart Biden’s America in a recent monologue on his show “Life, Liberty, and Levin”, hitting back hard at the idea that the January 6th Committee and its hearings are necessary, much less valuable. Indeed, he even went so far as to blame the hearings for the “demise” of the United States and the death of the Constitution. Watch that here:

As you can hear, Levin, in his monologue, starts off by holding up a pocket Constitution and saying “it’s all about this” before briefly describing his career and commitment to the Constitution.

It’s then that he gets into his main point, which is that the way Trump and his associates are being treated by the January 6th Committee is tyrannical and at odds with the Constitution, saying:

And in many ways, we live in a post-constitutional America and those who are waving around the Constitution today on the January 6 Committee had been major participants in its demise.

Let me ask you a question: Let’s say you’re going to go to a Court of law. There is no Judge. There’s no jury. You don’t have a lawyer. You can’t call witnesses.

You can’t provide exculpatory evidence. In fact, you can’t even be heard. You just have to watch and watch.

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Let’s say the jury is chosen by Nancy Pelosi. But don’t worry, it’s bipartisan. We have seven Democrats and two Republicans. And there is the media in the back, taking pictures, rolling the cameras, taking notes as scribes for the prosecution, the prosecution being the jury.

Such is the situation faced by Trump, though it’s a hearing rather than a trial that is currently happening. Trump has been, as he has ranted about on Truth Social, so far unable to call witnesses or send his people to present another perspective, instead being forced to just sit and watch as Liz Cheney and her Democrat friends smear his name.

Levin also took the opportunity to strike at Nancy Pelosi and her involvement in the events of January 6th, saying:

Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been questioned once about her role in January 6, or her failure to defend that building, the Capitol Building. She was in charge. Isn’t that bizarre?

Her text messages, her e-mails, her documents, her staff, her family members, her friends, none of them have been called, none of them have been questioned.

Nancy Pelosi chose these nine Committee members in part to cover up for herself, so she wouldn’t be held to account. Nancy Pelosi is the most destructive Speaker of the House we’ve had in American history.

Well it would be bizarre, but then again it’s Nancy Pelosi and her party about whom we are speaking, not honorable politicians or patriots, so the surprise of the “long train of abuses” is somewhat muted.

What’s not at all surprising is the degree to which those behind the persecution of former President Trump have rejected the vision of the Founders in their attempt to knock him out, something Levin also noted, saying:

This is a hybrid between a political prosecution and a criminal prosecution, which is exactly what the framers rejected. We have what’s called separation of powers. And of course, they keep talking about a coup and an insurrection — a coup and an insurrection.

Welcome to Biden’s banana republic.

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