Potential Biden Running Mate Calls For People To 'Chip In' For Rioters' Bail Money

The reaction by Democrats to the mayhem in many of America's big cities where rioters have taken to the streets to burn, loot, beat and pillage sends a message loud and clear as to whose side that they are on. 

With America under attack from violent extremists who have hijacked protests over the heinous killing of an unarmed black man by a rogue Minneapolis cop, the now fully radicalized Democratic party has shown its true face. 


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That face is no longer that of John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman or even Lyndon Baines Johnson but that of a grotesque power-mad entity that if not stopped, could become one of the most tyrannical in world history. 

Democrats have chosen sides and it is with the rioters, anarchists and most of all, the terrorist organization ANTIFA which serves as their paramilitary shock troops. 

One of those who refuses to condemn the violent insurrection that has destroyed lives, businesses and has law-abiding citizens living in fear is California Senator Kamala Harris, a woman who is at the top of the list for Joe Biden's running mate. 

Harris is calling for donations to a non-profit Minnesota organization that pays the bail for the criminals who ransacked Minneapolis, overran and burned down a police precinct along with minority-owned businesses and have threatened to take their riots into the suburbs. 

The former state attorney general is making a big push for to be lunchbucket Joe's vice presidential pick and the POTUS in the wings with the 77-year-old Beltway insider demonstrating obvious signs of senility and unlikely to last one term let alone through the inauguration. 

With Minnesota's Amy Klobuchar now knocked out of the running after news emerged that when she was a prosecutor that she didn't lock up the thug with a badge who would later become infamous for his role in George Floyd's death, Harris has shot to the top of the list. 

On Monday night, she delivered the goods from the official talking points by attacking President Trump after he announced that he would use the military to take back the streets of Washington D.C. and other cities if the Dem-enabled mayhem persists. 

Then for good measure, Harris who is adept at playing the race card for political gain equated the restoration of law and order to white supremacy. 

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On Saturday, a masked Harris made an appearance in front of the White House hours before the mob turned violent. 

The organization is the same one that several members of Biden's campaign staff had come under scrutiny for donating to, a serious optics problem that would have been potentially disqualifying in a time of sanity. 

Via Reuters, "Biden staff donate to group that pays bail in riot-torn Minneapolis":

Campaign staff for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are advertising their donations to a group that pays bail fees in Minneapolis after the city’s police jailed people protesting the killing of a black man by a white police officer.

At least 13 Biden campaign staff members posted on Twitter on Friday and Saturday that they made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes the practice of cash bail, or making people pay to avoid pre-trial imprisonment. The group uses donations to pay bail fees in Minneapolis.

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement to Reuters that the former vice president opposes the institution of cash bail as a “modern day debtors prison.”

But the campaign declined to answer questions on whether the donations were coordinated within the campaign, underscoring the politically thorny nature of the sometimes violent protests.

Some examples of those who would largely benefit from Harris and Team Biden's plea for money?

The ability to make rapid bail would cut down the turnaround time to get rioters off the bench and back into the game, it was bad enough that Democrats simply refused to denounce the criminals running amok, now they are enabling them. 

With President Trump now having declared ANTIFA to be a terrorist group, will Harris and her fellow Dems pass the hat for them as well?