President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address Suddenly Appears to Be ‘Off’ — For Now

President Joe Biden was expected to have given his first State of the Union address by now.

Although the mainstream press is issuing “fact checks” to dispute the claim Biden was supposed to have had one by February 20th, the AP earlier reported that he was supposed to have had one by… *checks calendar*… yesterday.

“US President Joe Biden is expected to deliver the annual State of the Union address on 23 February 2021 (date is still to be confirmed),” the Associated Press reported.

It is indisputable that the president can have the SOTU address whenever he or she wants. Or none at all, like Jimmy Carter chose in 1977. Or even submitted in writing, as the same president did in 1981.

But Biden will soon be running upon the longest period of time in the last three decades for a president to wait to give his first State of the Union Address.

The first State of the Union addresses by presidential term since 1981:

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Thus, if Joe Biden doesn’t give his State of the Union before Sunday, he will have eclipsed the modern timeline for presidents to give their first State of the Union Address.

A check of his presidential calendar gives no details on when a State of the Union may be forthcoming. America is in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, fallout from the Capitol riots, a Texas disaster, and other major emergencies. The Biden administration has issued an unprecedented flurry of executive orders, many of them highly controversial.

There are questions that Americans want answers to from their current Commander-in-Chief. And yet, the State of the Union appears to be “confused.”

There has been recent speculation about Biden giving the State of the Union online, most of it related to his believed physical capacity to give one.

One thing Americans need as much as a State of the Union: A state of Joe Biden’s health.

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