President Trump Calls For Arrests As Rioters Topple Statue In D.C.

America is unraveling while Democrats refuse to lift a finger to call off their mobs while violence rages, buildings burn and statues are toppled. 

So-called “peaceful” protests after the death of George Floyd have now erupted into total mayhem that is spreading faster than the coronavirus with police having been terrorized into submission by the Black Lives Matter movement and the media that protects it. 

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On Friday after riots again erupted in the nation’s capital with an angry mob turning out to pull down a statue located in Judiciary Square, a sign that the District could again be under assault by anti-American insurrectionists. 

President Trump has seen enough and in a tweet in which he tagged D.C’s activist Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser, the leader of the free world called for arrests of the vandals and anarchists responsible. 

According to the POTUS:

“The D.C. Police are not doing their job as they watch a statue be ripped down & burn. These people should be immediately arrested. A disgrace to our Country!  @MayorBowser”

Mayor Bowser had previously refused to act when the White House was under attack and violent rioters destroyed property, attacked Secret Service agents and tried to burn down a historic church. 

With no opposition from D.C. police, the mob tore down the statue of Confederate Civil War general Albert Pike. 

Via Politico, “D.C. protesters pull down, burn statue of Confederate general”:

Protesters toppled the only statue of a Confederate general in the nation’s capital and set it on fire on Juneteenth, the day marking the end of slavery in the United States, amid continuing anti-racism demonstrations following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Cheering demonstrators jumped up and down as the 11-foot statue of Albert Pike — wrapped with chains — wobbled on its high granite pedestal before falling backward, landing in a pile of dust. Protesters then set a bonfire and stood around it in a circle as the statue burned, chanting, “No justice, no peace!” and “No racist police!”

Eyewitness accounts and videos posted on social media indicated that police were on the scene but didn’t intervene. President Donald Trump quickly tweeted about the toppling, calling out D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and writing: “The DC police are not doing their job as they watched a statue be ripped down and burn. These people should be immediately arrested. A disgrace to our Country!”

Jubilant protesters read out Trump’s tweet over a bullhorn and cheered. After the statue fell, most protesters returned peacefully to Lafayette Park near the White House.

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The Confederate monuments are not the only statues that are being destroyed by a mob that has more in common with ISIS and the Taliban than the civil rights movement. 

By now it is clear that Democrats are not going to either denounce this extremist cancer or allow police to do their jobs and put down the insurgency before it moves from just tearing down statues to dragging white people out and lynching them. 

Make no mistake, America is under attack and there may not be anything left if decisive action isn’t taken soon. 

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