President Trump Gives First On Camera Interview After Being Treated For COVID

President Trump participated in his first on-camera interview since he was hospitalized for the coronavirus and said that he was feeling "really good" and that he is off medication. 

In the interview which was broadcast on Friday's edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," the leader of the free world talked with Dr. Marc Siegel and underwent a remote "medical evaluation" that is guaranteed to have the haters howling.


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The interview topped off a whirlwind week for Trump who after testing positive for COVID checked into Walter Reed Hospital for three days before his Monday discharge and return to the White House to conduct America's business. 

According to the POTUS:

"They tested the lungs, they checked for the lungs and they tested with different machinery … and it tested good" 

"Initially I think they had some congestion in there, but ultimately it tested good. And with each day it got better, and I think that’s why they wanted me to stay."

Via Yahoo, "Trump Says He Is Off Medication for Coronavirus in First On-Camera Interview Since Hospitalization":

Donald Trump opened up about his hospitalization and coronavirus symptoms during his first on-camera interview on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday.

While billed as on virtual on-camera "medical evaluation" by Dr. Marc Siegel, the president, 74, instead answered questions about his time in the hospital and how he is feeling now.

Trump, who was hospitalized for three days after he announced he tested positive for the virus, said that he's feeling "really good" and has been off medication for eight hours.

Admitting that he didn't feel very "vital" upon his hospitalization last Friday, Trump said his symptoms included a sore throat and lack of energy.

"I didn’t have a problem with breathing... I had none of that," Trump told Siegel over a video call from New York.

However, doctors were concerned after a CT scan revealed some congestion on his lungs but "with each day it got better," according to the president.

Now, Trump said that his treatment has concluded and he will be tested again for COVID-19 tomorrow.

"I think really nothing," he said when Siegel asked what medications he was currently taking. "We pretty much finished and now we’ll see how things go."

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The president strongly emphasized the importance of getting treatment early.

Via The Hill:

"The biggest thing is that I did do it early," Trump said. "Now I have such great access to medical … so it’s a lot easier for me than somebody who doesn’t have access to a doctor so easily."

"And, you know, I think it would have gotten a lot worse. One of the doctors said he thought it would have gotten a lot worse," he added. "I just think that even these medications, they’re a lot better if you get them early than if you get them late. I think going in early is a big factor in my case."

Trump's recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, dashing the hopes of his adversaries who gloated about karma and openly cheered for his death but once again, they were confounded by by his resilience. 

Trump will return to the campaign trail with a visit to the key battleground state of Florida on Monday.