President Trump Says Bill Clinton is "Stone Cold Afraid" Of Hillary

On Saturday during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump stated that former President Bill Clinton is afraid of his wife Hillary Clinton.

The comments came as the President was remembering the 2016 race when he ran against “crooked Hillary,” which then caused the crowd to chant “lock her up!”


Trump smiled and replied, “I agree!”

“I used to say, ‘Now, now, now, we won. Don’t do it,'” President Trump added. “I try and stop it, but now — She’s crazy. Bill is stone-cold afraid of her.”

Check out what Breitbart reported:

Hillary Clinton resurfaced in the public conversation after her hero, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, leaving her seat open on the Supreme Court – a vacancy for Trump to fill.

“I don’t want to see that legacy ripped up by political hypocrisy coming from Mitch McConnell,” Clinton said, calling on Senate Democrats to “use every single possible maneuver” to block the Senate from confirming Trump’s replacement.

During the rally, President Trump recalled Hillary Clinton’s deleted State Department emails, noting that the media would never let him get away with anything like that.

“We wouldn’t last long,” Trump said.

The Clinton's have resurfaced the public in recent months as the 2020 election gets closer.

During a recent joint interview, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton gathered in the same home to discuss the upcoming election.

The interview quickly turned into Hillary Clinton ranting about "Russia, Russia, Russia" as Bill Clinton sat behind the crazed woman with an exhausted and tired look on his face.


Hillary Clinton can't seem to stay out of the headlines. During an interview with her former campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton urged former Vice President Joe Biden to not accept the results to the 2020 election if he loses to President Donald Trump.

The comments from Clinton were quite ironic considering she famously said in 2016 that anyone who "won’t respect the results of the election is a direct threat to our democracy."

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“If it’s a close election — let’s say Biden ‘wins’ — what do you think Trump will do?” Palmieri asked.

Clinton answered by starting a conspiracy theory, stating that the Trump Administration may be “messing up absentee balloting… so that they then get a narrow advantage in the Electoral College on Election Day.”

She went on to say that the Biden campaign is getting ready for a long legal battle if he loses and Clinton said that he should not concede if he loses.

“We’ve gotta’ have a massive legal operation, I know the Biden campaign is working on that,” Hillary Clinton said. “We have to have poll workers, and I urge people who are able to, be a poll worker. We have to have our own teams of people to counter the force of intimidation that the Republicans and Trump are going to put outside polling places. … At least we know more now about what they’re going to do.”

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is gonna’ drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch.”

It sounds like Hillary Clinton is supporting altering the results to an election.

“The only way they can win is by either suppressing or stopping voting or outright intimidating people into feeling they have to go with the strong guy to stand up against all these threats that Trump is going to gin up to scare people,” she said.

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During the DNC back in August, Clinton made it very clear that she was still angry about her landslide defeat to President Trump in 2016 when she blamed voters for her loss.

“For four years people have told me, ‘I didn’t realize how dangerous he was. I wish I could do it all over.’ Or worse, ‘I should’ve voted,'” Clinton claimed during her speech. “This can’t be another woulda, coulda, shoulda election.”

She then pointed to the popular vote.

“Don’t forget Joe and Kamala can win by 3 million votes and still lose – take it from me,” she said.

The twice failed candidate then promoted the Russian conspiracy theory which has proven to be false.

“Vote to make sure we — not a foreign adversary — choose our president,” Hillary Clinton said.

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