President Trump Spikes The Ball As Big Ten Football Announces Return

In yet another win for America, the Big Ten college football conference announced that it would be playing games this fall after all. 

With much of NCAA football having already kicked off and the SEC returning soon, the Big Ten was facing intense pressure over the cancellation of the season which reeked of Democratic party dirty politics. 


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The Big Ten's teams are located in many of the nation's crucial battleground states that include Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota with two of those states having been subjected to crushing lockdowns by their power-mad Democrat governors. 

President Trump made it clear from the beginning that he was backing the Big Ten playing games this season and played a huge part in the negotiations with conference president Kevin Warren that led to another vote being taken to play football. 

Trump took to Twitter to spike the ball on Wednesday. 

Per the POTUS:

"Great News: BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK. All teams to participate. Thank you to the players, coaches, parents, and all school representatives. Have a FANTASTIC SEASON! It is my great honor to have helped!!!"

Trump also put a cattleprod to the PAC-12, the other conference dominated by Democrat governors which joined the Big Ten to force the cancellation of the entire NCAA season but failed miserably. 

Via Fox News, "Trump congratulates Big Ten on comeback, tells Pac-12 to 'get going'":

President Trump celebrated the return of the Big Ten college football conference as it worked to combat the coronavirus, and emphatically told the Pac-12 it was their turn to "get going."

"I want to congratulate Big Ten football. It’s back," Trump said during a press conference on Wednesday. Its return came after Trump publicly pressured the conference, which primarily consists of Midwestern teams, and even spoke directly with Commissioner Kevin Warren.

"I want to, in particular, I’ve been dealing with them, thank commissioner Kevin Warren for the great job he did. We’ve been working with him for a while ... I called the commissioner a couple of weeks ago, and we started really putting a lot of pressure on, frankly, because there was no reason for it not to come back. And Kevin went in and worked very hard. I want to thank the players, the coaches for working along. And they wanted it very badly. The players and coaches, in particular, the parents also."


Trump continued: "They’ve got a very good testing process for the players, coaches, families, etc. And so I just want to congratulate Big Ten. It’s going to be great, we're going to love watching that. And, again, I want to recommend Pac-12, you’re the only one now. Open up, open up, Pac-12, get going," he said.

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Despite trying to blame the cancellation of the season on Trump, Lyin' Biden and the Democrats soon realized that blocking the Big Ten was a political blunder in the key states and ultimately decided that it wasn't the hill that they were prepared to die on. 

Whether it be defying critics with his historic Middle East peace deals or defeating blue state fascists at home, President Trump continues to drive the ball down the field against his hapless opponents. 


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