President Trump Trolls Pelosi and "Schitt" in Epic Tweet

On Saturday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to talk about his record breaking economy while simultaneously making a jab at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.

"Dow hits 28,000 - FIRST TIME EVER, HIGHEST EVER! Gee, Pelosi & Schitt have a good idea, “lets Impeach the President.” If something like that ever happened, it would lead to the biggest FALL in Market History. It’s called a Depression, not a Recession! So much for 401-K’s & Jobs!" he tweeted.


The President's comments come after the House conducted their first round of impeachment hearings last week. Adam Schiff claims that President Trump committed an impeachable offense however he can't seem to come up with a crime committed by the President.

While Schiff asserts there is a crime, the White House released another transcript of a call President Donald Trump had with Ukrainian President Zelensky which basically destroyed the entire Democratic impeachment narrative.

The transcript revealed that the president agreed to meet with Zelensky without preconditions which completely destroys the Democrats' impeachment agenda. The transcript was strategically released by the White House just moments before the second round of impeachment hearings started on Friday morning.

On April 21st, President Trump got on the phone to talk with the newly elected president of Ukraine. President Trump's phone conversations with President Zelensky is at the center of the Democrats' ongoing impeachment inquiry.

The entire impeachment inquiry is based on a quid pro quo between the two presidents however the transcripts that were released on Friday show no such thing.

“When you’re settled in and ready, I’d like to invite you to the White House,” Trump said during the phone conversation on April 21st. “We’ll have a lot of things to talk about, but we’re with you all the way.”

Zelensky replied: “Well, thank you for the invitation. We accept the invitation and look forward to the visit. Thank you again. The whole team and I are looking forward to the visit.”

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Zelensky also invited President Trump to attend his inauguration which Trump responded by saying, “at a very minimum, we’ll have a great representative. Or more than one from the United States will be with you on that great day.”

“So, we will have somebody, at a minimum, at a very, very high level, and they will be with you,” Trump said. “Really, an incredible day for an incredible achievement.”

Towards the end of the conversation, President Trump said: "Take care of yourself and give a great speech today. You take care of yourself, and I’ll see you soon.”

Zelensky ends: “Thank you very much. I’ll see you very soon.”

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