President Trump Unveils Punishments For China

In what will be a significant move against the Chinese Communist Party, President Trump unveiled several rounds of punishments directed at China for their role in downplaying the true severity of the coronavirus outbreak, which ultimately allowed the virus to seek total devastation across the entire world. President Trump enunciated plans to cut ties between the United States and the China-centric World Health Organization while speaking to reporters at the Rose Garden on Friday, adding that the federal government will take action against what they deemed as unfair trade policies established by the country.

President Trump and other members of the federal government argue that China made several controversial decisions both with their handling of the coronavirus, and with their violation of an agreement with Hong Kong, which has sparked a sudden intervention from the United States government.


Check out what Just The News reported below:

President Trump on Friday announced that the United States was terminating its relationship the World Health Organization (WHO) and launched a wide-ranging economic and security effort to punish China in the wake of the China-originated coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said Chinese officials ignored their reporting obligations to the WHO and accused China of pressuring the WHO to suppress reporting accurate coronavirus information. Because the WHO had failed to make any requested changes in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, Trump said the United States would be severing its relationship with the WHO and redirecting those funds toward other global health organizations.

Trump said the United States would also punish China for what the president said was unfair trade practices and for violating its governance agreement with Hong Kong.

“Americans are entitled to fairness and transparency," the President said while speaking at the Rose Garden.

"China's pattern of misconduct is well known," he continued, adding that the United States is hoping for "fair and reciprocal treatment" from China as a result.

This decision to cut off ties with the World Health Organization happened after they repeatedly relayed Chinese Communist Party propaganda about the coronavirus, suggesting that China’s lockdown model was successful, as well as citing a study from Chinese scientists earlier on that concluded there was no evidence of human to human transmission of the coronavirus that originated in China.

Additionally, the World Health Organization has been accused of siding with China to protect them from blame, even making “faulty recommendations” to combat the coronavirus, which has made the public health group complicit in covering up the severity of the virus with the help of Chinese officials.

President Trump announced these plans a few months ago while speaking to reporters, but he was met with strict opposition from Democrats in Congress. However, funding that was allocated for the World Health Organization will now be sent to groups that serve a similar purpose.

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“Today, I am instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organization’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus,” he said.

“Many countries were going to listen to the WHO, and they have problems the likes of which they cannot believe,” he added.

This means the United States will be cutting off of all ties with the World Health Organization, but the federal government intends to establish more punishments for China’s actions throughout the recent months.

Just The News continued:

President Trump plans Friday to address rapidly deteriorating U.S.-China relations – with policy changes anticipated amid the Chinese communist government's restrictions on Hong Kong and the ongoing tension about the coronavirus. 

Whether the president will attempt major executive branch action, which could include tariff changes, is unclear. But the White House has in the past 48 hours made clear its growing dissatisfaction with China, which after the United States has the world’s second-largest economy. 

“Frankly, the U.S. government is furious at what China has done,” National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said Friday morning on Fox News. "In recent days, weeks and months, they have not behaved well. And they have lost the trust, I think, of the whole Western world.”

China’s legislature on Thursday approved a national security law that limits the autonomy of Hong Kong, a Chinese territory that has is a major, international financial hub and port city.

As more evidence about China’s questionable actions continue to unravel, the federal government at the direction of President Trump has taken steps to ensure that China will not be able to continue with their tactics that were meant to cover up their own errors and establish control.

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