Project Veritas Case Appointed a Special Master in Court Win Over DOJ

Project Veritas is in court again, this time because they claimed to have received an abandoned diary that once belonged to Ashley Biden, daughter of the current President of the United States. James O’Keefe, founder of the group that is devoted to conducting sting operations against Democrats and their various organizations, insisted the diary came into their hands around September 3rd, 2020 because it had been abandoned, not stolen.

People who moved into an apartment gave the diary to Project Veritas and told them that they were pretty sure it was Ashley Biden’s and that the diary was “pretty crazy” and “worth looking at”.

Project Veritas, not fully trusting that the diary was indeed Ashley’s, chose not to publish it or its contents. They even went so far as to turn it into law enforcement, just in case. That didn’t matter to the DOJ, though.

Even though O’Keefe and Project Veritas did what they considered the right thing and turned the diary in, they were still raided and are being investigated by the FBI and DOJ.

The New York Post reported:

“O’Keefe said he was told the book contained “explosive allegations” about Biden, but his outlet could not verify the diary’s origin, chose not to publish its contents and gave it back to law enforcement.

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“Now, Ms. Biden’s father’s Department of Justice, specifically the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, appears to be investigating the situation, claiming the diary was stolen,” O’Keefe said.

“We don’t know if it was but it begs the question: In what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the President’s FBI and his Department of Justice? A diary?

Even beyond O’Keefe’s question, it has people like me concluding that the diary can no longer be considered a fake. Furthermore, why on Earth would they turn the diary in if they were the ones who stole it? Maybe that’s naivety talking, investigative journalists certainly don’t have the best reputation, conservative or otherwise.

But this just seems a bit extra and I can’t help but side with O’Keefe’s questioning why the current Administration is coming at this so heavy handed.

Two requests were made Project Veritas and their attorneys on November 15th, 2021. One, that a special master be appointed to look over the items “taken” during the raids on Project Veritas by the FBI. Two, that the New York Times and the leaks about the raids be investigated.

The Daily Caller wrote an article on the decisions of both requests:

Judge Analisa Torres granted Project Veritas’ request that a special master be appointed, but declined to order the Department of Justice (DOJ) to conduct an investigation to determine whether information about the raid was leaked to The New York Times.

But that wasn’t the only tweet dropped by Harmeet K Dhillon who is acting as one of Project Veritas’ attorneys.

Making some excellent points there, isn’t she? If the DOJ/FBI gets it’s way and decides this organization isn’t a journalist group, what could that mean for conservative news organizations all over the country?

Write something they don’t like and they’ll just claim you’re not a journalist? Since when does an organization that produces and investigates and writes news stories based on evidence not count as being a part of journalism?

Is it feeling a little authoritarian or despotic in here, or is that just me?

Take it away James!


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