“PROPAGANDA”; Here Are The Most Brutal Reviews From The New Fauci-Worshipping Documentary

As we reported last week, Disney+ has launched a brand new documentary that worships Dr. Anthony Fauci as an “American hero”. Apparently Disney thought that America would forget his epic failures over his career if they just threw a few million dollars at a film…but they were badly mistaken.

Several hundred users have expressed their discontent with the new film, and it has resulted in an absolutely mind-numbing “audience score”:

Take a look at some of the most brutal reviews below:

“I went in to this with a very open mind, but the more I watched, the more I felt it was just propaganda. A very poorly made documentary that left much to be desired,” one reviewer said.

“Okay I went into this expecting a heroizing telling really not addressing his treatment of AZT and the Dallas Buyer’s Club (great movie) and I was seriously willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Most movies like this are skewed towards support or criticism, but MAN, I could NOT believe how bad this one was. It is the most blatant propaganda doc of this sort I have ever seen in my life. Not one critical thing to say, everything is Fauci as moral crusader vs. an uncomprehending and scornful world,” said Mike N.

“This was essentially a piece of propaganda that is contributing to the polarization of society. I would have loved to have heard balanced perspectives on both sides of the challenging issues that Fauci has faced in his career. Scientifically-interested and politically-moderate types will be very disappointed in this,” said another audience member.

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Here are 3 more brutal reviews:

“In the modern political zeitgeist it was simply poor timing. For those already nervous enough about pandemic measures and the like the film comes off more as a 1940’s propaganda film than a riveting documentary about the savior of humanity and how he loves people so much. Would not recommend. Not a good doc to begin with but then just becomes creepy when you think about it.”

“The documentary was not insightful and full of inaccuracies that make me question why this was even put out in the first place. Down voting this film to a one star.”

“For a documentary I thought it was too political to be classed such. Many moments you had a distinct feeling this was leaning heavily towards propaganda.”

You can read all the god-awful reviews by clicking here.

What is your reaction? Are you surprised that this film was filled with nothing but propaganda? Comment below…