Puerto Rico Fires Top Official After Warehouse Full Of Hurricane Supplies Discovered

The governor of Puerto Rico has fired the island's emergency management director after video of a warehouse full of supplies from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria went viral on social media. 

Governor Wanda Vazquez dropped the hammer on Carlos Acevedo on Saturday as outrage mounted and serious questions were asked how such a thing could happen. 


The supplies which included pallets of provisions including food, bottled water, baby formula, diapers and other essential items had been sitting in the warehouse since 2017 when the monster category five storm devastated the U.S. territory. 

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Democrats were quick to politicize the storm damage and to accuse President Trump of not providing humanitarian aid to the island as well as blaming him for deaths associated with the killer storm. 

Even though Trump insisted that supplies were being sent to Puerto Rico, Democrats and their stooges in the media piled on and now once again, it appears that the POTUS was right all along. 

Via The Associated Press, "Discovery of unused disaster supplies angers Puerto Rico":

People in a southern Puerto Rico city discovered a warehouse filled with water, cots and other unused emergency supplies, then set off a social media uproar Saturday when they broke in to retrieve goods as the area struggles to recover from a strong earthquake.

With anger spreading in the U.S. territory after video of the event in Ponce appeared on Facebook, Gov. Wanda Vázquez quickly fired the director of the island’s emergency management agency.

The governor said she had ordered an investigation after learning the emergency supplies had been piled in the warehouse since Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico in September 2017.

Vázquez said inaction by the fired official, Carlos Acevedo, was unacceptable.

“There are thousands of people who have made sacrifices to help those in the south, and it is unforgivable that resources were kept in the warehouse,” the governor said.

Puerto Rico’s secretary of state, Elmer Román, told reporters that Acevedo had not told him about the contents of the warehouse.

News of the warehouse spread after online blogger Lorenzo Delgado relayed live video on Facebook of people breaking into the building. The scene became chaotic at times as people pushed their way in and began distributing water, baby food and other goods to those affected by the earthquake.

Delgado later told reporters that he had received a tip about the warehouse, but gave no specifics on when.

The discovery came after yet another disaster hit the island, this time a series of earthquakes that displaced people from their homes.

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Once again, Democrats quickly used the tragedy to score cheap political points against President Trump and were led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and power-mad impeachment maven, Nancy Pelosi.

Madame Speaker, Senator Schumer along with the rest of the stable of cynical Democrat political ghouls should be asked about the discovery of the warehouse packed with aid that Puerto Ricans were deprived of as the suffered in 2017.

Gov. Vazquez has demanded an investigation and there are already reports, that this isn't the only warehouse filled with supplies either.

With Puerto Rico's notoriety for corruption and the alliances between the government and U.S. Democrats, who knows what a serious investigation may turn up - the Dems and the media sure used the post-hurricane misery for political advantage.

Then again, it could just be incompetence on the behalf of local officials but until there is an investigation, who knows?



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