Putin Flips The Script On Media; Asks If U.S. Government Ordered The Killing Of Capitol Protester

The media has been busily churning out the anti-Putin propaganda over the past week as Joe Biden prepares to sit down with the Russian leader for high stakes talks in Geneva.

Putin was sought out for the rare domestic television interview which has been released in bits and pieces by NBC. Now the administration cannot be happy over how the wily Putin flipped the script on interviewer Keir Simmons. The reporter was pushing him on political persecution and allegedly ordering the killings of political adversaries.

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Portions of the interview that were previously released. These included Putin praising former President Donald J. Trump as an “extraordinary individual” while dismissing Biden as a career politician who has “spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics“. These remarks infuriated liberals and D.C. think-tank hawks who are itching to start a war with the nuclear power.

The media has reported that Biden plans on confronting Putin over human rights abuses and persecution of political dissidents. However, this conversation could seriously boomerang on the increasingly befuddled 46th president. After all, his administration is currently holding protesters from the so-called “insurrection” inside a special D.C. jail in miserable conditions similar to a Chinese prison. This would seem to expose Biden to accusations of hypocrisy.

During the NBC interview, Simmons continued to push the talking point about Putin ordering the murder of his opponents. However, the Russian president deftly flipped the script on his inquisitor in masterful fashion. He asked if the U.S. government had ordered the assassination of pro-Trump protester Ashli Babbitt.

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Putin pushed back at Simmons, by first bringing up the imprisoned Trump supporters who are being held without bail, “We have a saying: ‘Don’t be mad at the mirror if you are ugly.’ It has nothing to do with you personally. But if somebody blames us for something, what I say is, why don’t you look at yourselves? You will see yourselves in the mirror, not us.”

The Biden regime’s abominable treatment of the mostly peaceful election integrity protesters who entered the Capitol on January 6th has already done serious damage to the image of the U.S. It’s possible the fallout will be worse than the explosive Abu Ghraib Prison pictures that came out during the Bush administration.

Then Putin went for the throat: he asked Simmons about Babbitt who was gunned down in cold blood by a still unidentified assailant that the media is protecting.

“Secondly, I want to ask you: Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman? Do you know that 450 individuals were arrested after entering Congress? And they didn’t go there to steal a laptop. They came with political demands. Four-hundred and fifty people have been detained. They’re facing jail time, from 15 to 20 years. And they came to Congress with political demands. Isn’t that prosecution for political opinions?” Said Putin.

Not only is Putin going to laugh in Biden’s face when the subject of political persecution comes up. Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping will also point to the U.S. hypocrisy the next time that he gets confronted about rounding up the minority Uyghurs and putting them into concentration camps.

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Then, on Tuesday morning, the Biden regime gave even more reason to U.S. adversaries to wag their fingers. The White House announced its new “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,” to go after Trump supporters and other opponents of Democrat one-party rule.

The delusional Biden says of the nation’s transition to full-blown tyranny; “This is a project that should unite all Americans,” a puzzling remark considering that he just unleashed the full power of the federal government on over 73 million people who voted for the “wrong” candidate.

In just less than four months Biden has already wrecked the reputation of America with all but the globalist elite who spent the last several days singing his praises at the G7 conference and he’s only getting started.

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