After two weeks on the job, I think it’s safe to say that Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is terrible at this. All of it. Every single aspect of the job.

Not only is she consistently unprepared for the questions fielded her way, but now she is openly snapping at reporters for asking simple questions.

Keep in mind, this is despite having the entire media complex on her side (unlike Kayleigh McCenany, who the press targeted like a pack of rabid wolves)

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Psaki clapped back at a reporter for no reason at all. She also accused the reporter of “putting words” in her mouth while discussing Biden’s communication strategy with China.

“That sounds a lot like the strategy is not to talk to him at this time,” the reporter said. “Because you’re talking about speaking to allies and making other calls first. Have they requested a call?,” the reporter asked calmly.

I don’t have anything more for you. I don’t appreciate you putting words in my mouth. That wasn’t what my effort was. What I’m conveying is our strategy here,” Psaki snapped.

Watch below:

It’s clear that Psaki is cracking. She can’t even handle left-wing supporters who are ON HER SIDE!

Ain’t that something?

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