Race-Baiting Biden Blames Iowa Loss On “All-White” Voting Base

When you can’t excite your base enough to get out and vote for you, what should you do? According to the Democrat party, the answer is to simply blame white people.

White voters in Iowa have been trashed by weeks by the liberal media, and now Joe Biden is joining the party.

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When asked about his failing campaign, Biden said the reason he got shellacked in Iowa is because the state is filled with too many “All-white midwesterners”.

Watch below:

“One of the four most difficult states for me to win was going to be in Iowa because … they are good people — it’s all white, it’s all Midwesterners and a lot of farming, and it was going to be but it — we did OK if you take a look at what happened there. I mean it was kind of a unusual thing that I hope doesn’t happen here,” Biden said.

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“My support in the Democratic Party and all the data still shows you will see is I am the candidate who has the broadest support from all sectors of the economy,” he added.

As I alluded to above, this white-people trashing isn’t only on Biden’s shoulders. Van Jones of CNN went as far as to say that Iowa shouldn’t even count as an “important” state because it’s “too white”:

What is your reaction to the blatant racism in the Democrat party? Comment below…

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