Racist Hate Crime? Young Black Man Kidnaps, Stabs White 4 y/o to Death in Dallas

The so-called ‘mainstream media’ has been picking winners — and losers — for so long they can no longer be trusted to report anything correctly or without an inherent left-wing bias.

Then again, they are also guilty of acts of omission.

The Daily Mail and some local outlets in Dallas are reporting details of a horrendous crime: An 18-year-old black man allegedly broke into a home, kidnapped a four-year-old white boy and then stabbed him to death, dumping his body nearby.

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The outlet notes:

A jogger came across the body of Cash Gernon in the city’s Mountain Creek neighborhood at around 7am Saturday, Assistant Police Chief Albert Martinez said, adding that it appeared the child suffered a violent death from an ‘edged weapon’.

Darriynn Brown, 18, was arrested in the case hours later and was charged with kidnapping and theft. Police said they also anticipate additional charges pending the results of a forensic analysis.

Cash was identified by his mother, who told WFAA that Brown had broken into her home through a back door early Saturday morning and snatched the ‘happy-go-lucky’ child while he was sleeping.

The mother, who was not named and spoke to the outlet off-camera, claimed her son was unknown to Brown and said she had no idea what led the man to target him.

“It breaks my heart,” Antwainese Square, 39, told the Dallas Morning News after she saw the boy’s body and called police.

“And now I’m afraid. Now I’m paranoid. Because I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what’s going on. I mean just knowing that someone out there is capable of killing a child, that alone is just unsettling,” she added.

“We are shocked, we are very angry about what has happened to this small child,” Assistant Police Chief Albert Martinez said.

Neighbor Jose Ramirez told local media, “I don’t think [Brown] was in his right mind.”

You think? The point here is, what sort of frame of mind was he in? Because if the situation were reversed and, God forbid, a white 18-year-old male had broken into a home and kidnapped a young black boy then murdered him in such a gruesome manner, the mainstream media would have gaslighted that crime for weeks.

Come on, you know that’s true: Practically every time there is a white-on-black crime of this nature, these ghouls frame it as a ‘racist hate crime’ based on the ‘systemic racism’ of America.

It happens time and time and time again. But when the ethnicity of the criminal and victim are reversed, we get the ‘there’s nothing to see here’ treatment by the same outlets.

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It’s disgusting that we even have to point out the obvious. An innocent little boy has lost his life before it even really started, and a young man who had the rest of his to look forward to is likely going to spend most of what he has left behind bars. That’s tragic regardless of any other factor.

But the putrid manner in which we have been manipulated by media jackals to view these crimes in terms of skin color is unforgivable. We hate them for having driven us to it.