Sen. Rand Paul is sounding the alarm again over our continuing loss of liberty in the age of the coronavirus, and he’s certainly not wrong.

In particular, the Kentucky Republican says Americans should really be pushing back – hard – on governors who have become “dictators” with their lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates, none of which, at this point, have anything at all to do with ‘the science.’

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“You know, nobody ever intended that governors would be sort of czars or dictators in charge of the economy,” said Paul in a Christmas morning interview with Newsmax. 

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“In my state, you can’t have indoor dining, you can’t have outdoor dining, and your kids are not in school. We’re worse than New York City right now. In Kentucky, our governor has shut the schools down even though all of the science shows that—and all of the evidence—that you really aren’t having a surge when you have the schools open,” he added.

The Epoch Times adds more:

Many governors across the United States have locked down (to varying degrees), their small businesses due to surges in the [coronavirus] cases among their residents. States have felt pushback from citizens and small business owners who say they are in financial crisis and need to make a living.

New York state in mid-December ordered restaurant owners to stop indoor dining again. The governor’s order came despite opposition from the beleaguered restaurant industry, which warned of holiday-season layoffs at a time when the federal government has yet to pass an additional CCP virus relief package.

Many people are leaving states like New York and California, citing pandemic restrictions. More than 126,000 people moved out of New York state between July 2019 and July 2020, according to preliminary Census Bureau data. That’s the biggest population drop of any state this year.

Paul went on to criticize governors who continue to restrict mostly small business activities in their states because they have been receiving CARES Act funding and other federal stimulus spending.

“The only thing that will get [New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio and [New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo to finally open up is when they run out of other people’s money,” Paul added.

“So I think that we shouldn’t be passing out any money to the states, we shouldn’t be rewarding their bad behavior,” he continued. “And really, this has probably been the worst time in the history of our country for power being accumulated into the hands of very few people.”

Paul added that state leaders need to balance public health concerns in a way that don’t trample constitutional rights (none of which come with a ‘pandemic’ provision).

“I lost two good friends this week to the virus. I’m not saying it’s not deadly,” Paul said.

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“I’m not saying there’s not good advice. If you’re 85 years old and you ask me, should you go to church and sit there for two hours, I’d say my best advice is don’t. But I would never mandate that you can’t go to church. I would never mandate that you close the church. I would never mandate that you close religious school,” Paul said.


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