Rand Paul: Fauci Owes Parents, Kids Apology For Trying to Keep Schools Closed

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been a congressional leader in pushing back against the nanny state as it has attempted to impose one goofy COVID-19 restriction after another on a nation of liberty-loving Americans.

Granted, there are more than a few people who have been willing to go along with the little Stalins running mostly blue and purple states as they shut down small businesses and force a generation of kids to “quarantine” at home while pretending they are learning something from online courses.

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Paul has been particularly vocal about the mandates closing schools, especially since ‘the science’ of coronavirus has long shown that kids a) are not really affected much by COVID-19; and b) they aren’t COVID “super spreaders,” so teachers aren’t at increased risk, either.

Nevertheless, the shutdown mavens continue to wail that they are necessary to “bend the curve” of the virus, without ever really discussing what an end-game looks like.

Well, Paul has had enough. And he blasted one of the leading COVID-19 fear porn pushers, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in a short-and-sweet tweet for being wrong yet again about a virus he clearly doesn’t understand.

After calling for school closures for months, Fauci suddenly changed positions this week as if he’d finally read the memo that kids aren’t playing host to ‘killer COVID.’

The Federalist notes:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is finally following the science on the low-risk of spreading COVID-19 in schools, now urging schools to reopen so children can learn in-person.

“The default position should be to try as best as possible within reason to keep the children in school or to get them back to school,” Fauci said on ABC’s “This Week.

“If you look at the data, the spread among children and from children is not really very big at all, not like one would have suspected,” he added. “So, let’s try to get the kids back, but let’s try to mitigate the things that maintain and just push the kind of community spread that we’re trying to avoid.”

He added: “Close the bars and keep the schools open is what we really say.”

This is a massive change from August.

“There are some areas where the level may be low but not absent and maybe a little trouble so you might want to modify the schedule,” Fauci said then. “A hybrid taught online, taught in-person, morning, afternoon, alternating days, whatever it is that the local authorities [say].”

“There may be some areas that the level of virus is so high that it would not be prudent to bring the children back to school,” he added. “So you can’t make one statement about bringing children back to school in this country. It depends on where you are. And we’ve got to be very flexible.”

Paul thinks the good doctor owes a lot of people an apology.

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In response to a tweet from One American News’ Jack Prosobic that Fauci owes Paul an apology, the physician-senator from Kentucky responded, “No, he owes one to every single parent and school-age child in America.”

He further noted in a tweet containing a link to a New York Post article that he told Fauci schools would be safe for kids “multiple times” over the summer.