Rand Paul Thanks Adam Schiff, Says He Is Unifying Republicans

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On Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul took to Twitter to thank far-left representative and "impeachment manager" Adam Schiff for unifying Republicans.


Schiff was in charge of the bogus House impeachment inquiry and is continuing to push his propaganda in the Senate impeachment trial.

“The more we hear from Adam Schiff, the more the GOP is getting unified against this partisan charade!” Paul said on Twitter.

Paul has been very vocal about his support for President Trump in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

During an interview last week, Paul issued a stern warning to GOP Senators, urging them to not fall for the Democrats' impeachment demands.

Paul started by clarifying if Senate Republicans are intent on having the whistleblower and Hunter Biden testify in the Senate impeachment trial.

“There’s a lot of people who are quiet, so I’ve been kind of loud,” Senator Paul said. “My goal in this is to be done with the impeachment as soon as possible, and probably the best way to do that is actually no witnesses — but, if we’re going to have witnesses we should have witnesses from both sides."

Paul continued by warning his colleagues to not commit political suicide by allowing Democrats to chose witnesses.

“What I keep trying to convince my colleagues, particularly the ones that might vote to allow the witnesses that the Democrats want to call, is that if they do that and they don’t vote to allow the president to bring his witnesses in, I think the Republican base and Trump supporters are going to be very very unhappy with them. I think it will have electoral consequences — which is sort of my way of saying that maybe they should reconsider having any witnesses at all,” he said. “My hope is some will reconsider and we will just be done with one vote.”

Paul continued by discussing who some of the witnesses may be, noting that “if they end up approving witnesses like Bolton, who I think are harmful, I will insist on a motion that says the president should get to call all witnesses that he or his team deem to be necessary to his defense.”

“I don’t want to limit it, I’m not his lawyer, I don’t want to tell him who he has to call — I’m just going to say anyone. ‘Anyone’ includes people he has mentioned, like Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” he added.

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Paul also made it clear that the Biden-Ukraine corruption scandal needs to be a part of the trial.

“The evidence should be presented for their corruption. I think the evidence is pretty damning. The mainstream media just passes over that and says ‘oh well, it’s already been decided there’s no corruption and nothing to see here’, but in reality, most Americans hear that some politician’s son was being paid $50,000 a month and they smell corruption from a mile away.”

“I also think the whistleblower should come in, and the main reason for that is he worked for President Obama, he worked for Joe Biden, he was there when Hunter Biden was receiving this money. My understanding is some of Biden’s aides told him at the time that it was a conflict of interest and he shouldn’t be letting his son do this. The whistleblower ought to be asked ‘what was your opinion then?’”

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