Rand Paul: Trump Should Sue Chuck Schumer for Defamation

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On Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul went off on Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer when he suggested that President Trump should sue the minority leader for defamation.


“You know, I’m offended and shocked that Schumer would be so scurrilous as to accuse the president and his children of making money illegally off of politics when the only people we know have made money off of this have been Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Paul said.

“So Hunter Biden makes a million dollars a year, that’s documented, but Schumer simply creates and makes up and says, ‘Oh, maybe the president’s kids are making money.’ John Bolton is making money as we speak," he added. "He has probably already gotten the several million dollar advance for this book. He’s making money by testifying against the president.”

“The only people we know who have actually made money? Hunter Biden and now John Bolton. And they’re not objective–John Bolton is not objective in any way now that he’s cashing million dollar checks," Paul continued. "To have Schumer come up and say out of the blue, ‘Maybe the president’s kids are making money,’ with no evidence at all, that’s defamation and they ought to sue him.”

Schumer did in fact suggest that President Trump's children were making money overseas with no evidence.

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“There is nothing in the record about the president’s kids,” Paul said. “So Schumer has just created this whole thing out of whole cloth and said, ‘Oh, why don’t we go after the president’s kids?’ We don’t know yet whether or not the president’s dealings with the Chinese president have something to do with the Trumps making money.’ He just made it up! Completely made it up! That’s defamation of character and he ought to go to court and be sued for it.”

WATCH the clip below:

Paul has been very vocal about his support for President Trump since impeachment made its way over to the Senate. Last week, Paul told The Washington Post that Senate Republicans are close to having the votes necessary to completely dismiss the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

“There are 45, with about five to eight wanting to hear a little more,” Paul said. The Senate needs 51 votes to completely dismiss the articles of impeachment. “I still would like to dismiss it, but there aren’t the votes to do it just yet.”

Paul continued by commenting on Rep. Adam Schiff's involvement in the trial, stating that he is helping unify Republicans.

“I will push it at some point,” Paul said. “The more Adam Schiff speaks, the more we become unified.”

The Republican Senator also spoke out against the Democrats' calls to have former National Security Adviser John Bolton testify in the Senate. “He’s a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind,” Paul said.

“Some people who have talked to him think he has an ax to grind, that he’s angry he was publicly fired by the president,” Paul added. “But he also has a history of believing in unlimited powers for the president. Which is the guiding light for John Bolton at this point? Axe to grind and books to sell? Or, be a player and say ‘even if I’m gone, he’s doing what I want on Iran and other things?’”

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