Red Alert: Red China Vows to “Strike Back” against US Sanctions

The Red Dragon is rising and it’s furious at the occasional temerity of the US, which, though it normally bows to Chinese aggression and predation, occasionally puts roadblocks in the way of the CCP.

Most recently, the US sanctioned China because it’s waging a campaign of genocide against the Uighurs in Xinjiang province. Those sanctions, announced last Friday, are meant to target the individuals and companies responsible for the genocide.

And boy is China ranting and raving about them. In a statement released by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, Red China had this to say:

“We urge the US to immediately withdraw the relevant wrong decision and stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and harming China’s interests.

If the US acts recklessly, China will take effective measures to strike back resolutely.”

That’s right, China is now threatening to “strike back resolutely,” with that threat coming only days after it threatened to take military action against any US forces that might be sent to aid Taiwan.

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And that wasn’t all Red China had to say. According to Reuters:

China’s embassy in Washington denounced the U.S. move as “serious interference in China’s internal affairs” and a “severe violation of basic norms governing international relations.”

Embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said it would do “grave harm to China-U.S. relations” and urged Washington to rescind the decision.

China is likely responding so forcefully to the new sanctions because of the real economic damage they could do. Reuters gives the example of a Chinese tech company that will be seriously hurt by an investment ban related to the Xinjiang measures:

The Treasury on Friday added Chinese artificial intelligence company SenseTime to a list of “Chinese military-industrial complex companies,” accusing it of having developed facial recognition programs that can determine a target’s ethnicity, with a particular focus on identifying ethnic Uyghurs.

As a result, the company will fall under an investment ban for U.S. investors. SenseTime is close to selling 1.5 billion shares in an initial public offering (IPO). After news of the Treasury restrictions earlier this week, the company began discussing the fate of the planned $767 million offering with Hong Kong’s stock exchange, two people with direct knowledge of the matter said.

SenseTime said in a statement on Saturday that it “strongly opposed the designation and accusations that have been made in connection with it,” calling the accusations “unfounded”.

And while the Red Chinese are already furious, new, even stricter measures might be on the horizon thanks to China’s continued campaign of genocide. That’s because the House of Representative recently voted, overwhelmingly, in fact, to ban all goods made by Uighur slave labor from coming into America.

It remains to be seen if China will continue rattling the saber, or if it will back down in the face of serious economic harm.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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