Red Chinese State Bans “Negative” Social Media Posts to Combat Anger Over Lockdowns

Far-left social media companies in America aren’t the only ones banning posts that go against the regime’s talking points.

The CCP, the brutal, authoritarian government of mainland China, is acting much the same as our tech oligarchs and banning any “negative” posts about lockdowns.

That suppression of “negative” views is happening in Xi’an, the epicenter of China’s recent Covid infection spike and resulting, harsh lockdowns.

After residents of the province took to social media apps like Weibo to voice their displeasure with the government’s handling of the situation, Radio Free Asia reported that government authorities sent an SMS message saying:

“From Jan. 4, people are banned from posting details of the pandemic restrictions or information about the road situation, videos, links, mini-apps or photos of the situation, particularly negative news,” the municipal government said in a mass text message to the city’s 13M residents. “There is background surveillance operating on all WeChat groups, and any negative news will be deleted as soon as it is sent. Please bear this in mind and pass the message on.”

RFA adds that:

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The order came amid a wave of public dissatisfaction and online complaints as local people have been prevented from leaving their homes to buy groceries and basic necessities, or turned away from hospitals for medical treatment because they come from a high or medium-risk area.

And not only is dissent now not allowed, the government is also requiring residents to thank it for the harsh policies. Again according to RFA:

One video clip sent to RFA showed quarantine officers delivering food and drink to residents, before requiring them to thank the government on camera.

“You should thank the government,” the officer is seen saying. “Thank you, government, for your care, thank you,” replies the resident, having just received a white radish, three potatoes, six carrots and two onions.

Still, the embers of freedom and dissent remain alive. One resident of the province told RFA that while the government can silence residents, it can’t fool them, saying:

“It’s pretty clear now what the government is doing. Now, if people are hungry, they’re not allowed to say so.

This isn’t a place fit for humans to live, where they won’t even let sick people seek medical treatment, or give birth — that’s how they treat people in a pandemic.”

While many in the West will likely decry this latest authoritarian move from the CCP and its agents, they should also ask if it’s all that different than what’s currently happening on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where those that doubt the efficacy of vaccines are routinely banned or suspended from platforms for voicing their concerns.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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