REPORT: Abortion-Loving Biden Says The Pope Told Him To Keep Taking Communion

Most Democrats in DC, including Joe Biden, love the idea of abortion. They say it makes a woman’s life easier if they “make a mistake”. Accidentally get pregnant? No problem! Just go to a doctor and they’ll rip that thing right out of you!

However, the problem for Biden’s image is that he claims to be a Catholic. But, how can you be a Catholic when you support the murder of innocent children in the womb?

In a normal and sane world, you can’t. However, even the Pope is letting the abortion-lover-in-chief slide.

According to new reports, the Pope met with Biden today and told him to keep taking communion. Here’s how their conversation went:

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Biden’s rhetoric has likely encouraged tens of thousands of women to get abortions over the past few years, but I guess the Pope is okay with it! I didn’t know slaughtering innocent children was acceptable to the “most holy man” in the Catholic faith, but maybe I was wrong.

What is your reaction with the Pope letting Biden’s love for abortion slide? Comment below…

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