Report: Biden “Seething” about Failing, Flailing State of His Disastrous Presidency

Joe Biden’s presidency isn’t going well. Not at all. From the disaster zone that is the southern border, where millions of migrants are rushing across in a scene reminiscent of Alaric’s hordes crossing the Rhine to end the Roman empire, to Easter Europe, where Russian tanks are rumbling in a foreign policy crisis that has humiliated Biden, things aren’t going well.

America is out of baby formula, the economy looks to be teetering, our enemies are ascendant, and it looks like the world is on the verge of a massive food shortage. That’s Joe Biden’s America. Oh, and crime is ripping cities and those in them to pieces.

And while many might think that Biden is so senile that he doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s apparently sentient enough to notice that his poll numbers are below those of Trump, something that Politico reports he is “seething” about.

Describing that aspect of Biden’s public embarrassment, how he feels about it, and how he’s reacting to it, Politico reports that:

The president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump, whom Biden routinely refers to in private as “the worst president” in history and an existential threat to the nation’s democracy.

[…]Far more prone to salty language behind the scenes than popularly known, Biden also recently erupted over being kept out of the loop about the direness of the baby formula shortage that has gripped parts of the country

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In other words, Biden is sinking ever-lower in the polls, seemingly in a race to the bottom with his even more unpopular Vice President, Kamala, Harris, and has been kept out of the loop by staffer who don’t want him to touch something and ruin it, only to ruin it themselves. That, at least, is the impression given by Politico’s peak behind the curtain.

Biden apparently thinks that part of the problem is that he’s being kept from voters, and so people like his wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden, are pressing for him to be let back on the road where he can start talking to his voters again. That’s despite all his recent gaffes and obvious mental decline.

And still that’s not all. Relating to the being left out of the loop part is another report cited by the Politico report, one coming from NBC News, in which that outlet reports that Joe Biden hates the “clean-up campaign” his staffers engage in frequently after he speaks. According to it, he’s frustrated by the amendments made to what he says, telling his advisers it “undermines him.”

For example, at one point the NBC report, describing Biden’s reaction after staffers cleaned up his statement that Putin “had to go”, claims that:

“Biden was furious that his remarks were being seen as unreliable, arguing that he speaks genuinely and reminding his staff that he’s the one who is president.”

They were probably worried that his “genuine” remarks would start a nuclear war, as he appeared to be calling for regime change.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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