REPORT: Biden STILL Hasn’t Briefed Top Senators On Syria Airstrike and Dems Are Upset

Neither Joe Biden nor the people running his administration have bothered to brief U.S. Senate leaders on details surrounding the decision to lob missiles into Syria, though many of them claimed that when Donald Trump ordered a couple of strikes during his administration, he was a lawless rogue pining for war and global domination.

Interestingly, while you might expect that Republicans would be the most concerned and angry about being left out in the cold over the decision to strike, Democrats are actually more exercised about it.

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Politico reports:

Democrats are ramping up pressure on President Joe Biden after he ordered airstrikes in Syria without consulting Congress, saying they aren’t satisfied with the White House’s rationale for the strikes and its lack of engagement with lawmakers.

The Biden administration briefed Senate aides earlier Tuesday on the rationale and legal justification for the president’s decision to launch retaliatory strikes on Iranian-backed military installations in the war-torn country. But administration officials have yet to brief senators directly, so Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) sat in on the staff-level session so that he could hear from the Biden team himself.

“I still need to be convinced that any president has the authorization required to take a retaliatory strike, especially outside of Iraq,” Murphy, who routinely complained about everything Donald Trump did, told Politico.

“I didn’t hear anything today that convinced me that there was justification that I’d apply to any administration,” Murphy added.

A separate readout of the briefing that was leaked to Politico noted that aides thought the administration’s briefing was “unsatisfactory” and “not a whole lot of substance” to it.

Meanwhile, Senate Foreign Relations Chair Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) said that the Biden regime has yet to schedule a hearing to brief members of his committee, but that he wants one and is pressing for it. That won’t happen soon, however; beginning Wednesday, the chamber launched a marathon session to try and get Biden’s COVID-19 ‘relief’ bill with massive payoffs to blue states and cities passed.

“It is kind of odd that you’d have a staff briefing but not a members briefing in the wake of something that significant and serious,” Murphy said.

‘Kind of odd?’ Biden has been in office about six weeks and he’s already focused on Syria (or, rather, his handlers are). He sent troops into the country the day after his inauguration and now he’s bombing targets there; smells like a new Middle East war for the neocons and Democratic establishment types with ties to the military-industrial complex donor network.

But while some Democrats are concerned about the strike and a new conflict, they, as usual, want to take matters too far.

Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia said he’ll be reintroducing a bill passed in the last Congress but vetoed by Trump that bars a president from declaring war (which is already unconstitutional because that power is designated solely to Congress) or take military action without congressional approval, which is impractical and equally unconstitutional.

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Presidents have long been free to defend the country’s national security interests and the precedent isn’t new; it was set centuries ago.

In reality, this is a political issue; if Americans are sick and tired of endless wars (as Trump and most of his supporters were/are), then they need to stop voting for establishment types who answer to globalists.

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