REPORT: Bill Clinton Had "Intimate Dinner" With Alleged Child Sex Trafficker in 2014

According to a new report from The Daily Beast, former President Bill Clinton allegedly had an "intimate dinner" in 2014 with alleged sex trafficker and sidekick to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The dinner took place at a high-end vegan restaurant in Los Angeles named Crossroads Kitchen. Other elites allegedly were present at the dinner as well.


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The Daily Beast reported:

But two other unlikely guests joined the party that night: British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell—accused of procuring underage girls for sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein—and tech CEO Scott Borgerson, now rumored to be her husband.

According to information obtained by The Daily Beast, Clinton’s advance team secured seating for the invitees and specifically noted Maxwell and someone named “Scott” had RSVP’d for the Thursday gathering.

According to the report, the Clinton team fought over whose decision it was to allow Bill Clinton to attend the event.

“This is an intimate dinner with Clinton in L.A.,” said a source. “Think of all the people he knows in L.A., and Ghislaine gets to attend.”

This is not the only occasion where Clinton was around Maxwell and/or Epstein. According to Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, Clinton was on Epstein's pedophile island with “two young girls."

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Check out what The Daily Wire reported:

A man who says that he was a tech worker on the island told Netflix’s “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” that he witnessed Clinton on the island. The IT worker, Steve Scully, now 70, said he saw Clinton and Epstein in the villa’s porch area, “long said to be where Epstein held orgies with his young victims,” as The New York Post reported, though Scully gave “no suggestion Clinton engaged in inappropriate behavior.”

Anther accusation came from investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff who told Fox News that there were “underage girls” on Epstein’s plane at the same time as Clinton traveled on it.

“I actually attempted to interview Clinton but he did not agree to do so and I know from the pilot logs and these are pilot logs that you know were written by different pilots and at different times, that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein’s 27 times,” Sarnoff said. “Many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many times he did not. Almost every time that Clinton’s name is on the pilot logs there are underage girls there are initials and there are names of many many girls on that private plane.”

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