Report Claims Trump Set to Fire FBI Director Wray, CIA Director Haspel if Reelected

President Donald Trump went through some key personnel in his first few years in office, but that actually should have been expected. 

In hindsight, he certainly was burdened with a boatload of deep state swamp rats who were cleverly disguised as people who were enthused about his agenda and his presidency.


Over the past two years though, the president’s Cabinet appeared to more closely align with his principles, priorities, and agenda, as evidenced by the fact that there wasn’t much movement or departure.

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That may change, however, if he wins a second term.

Axios reports:

If President Trump wins re-election,he'll move to immediately fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and also expects to replace CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper, two people who've discussed these officials' fates with the president tell Axios.

"Wray and Haspel are despised and distrusted almost universally in Trump's inner circle. He would have fired both already, one official said, if not for the political headaches of acting before Nov. 3," the insider political outlet added.

The site went on to note that a victory of any margin will empower and embolden the president as never before, considering he won't have to worry at all about running again.

Now, having said all of that, we know that Democrats are going to be furious if they can't win back the White House or the Senate. By retaining the House, the party of sore losers can, and likely would, make Trump the only U.S. president in history to have been impeached more than once. But a GOP-controlled Senate, of course, won't convict (and frankly, the party will look desperate, childish, and stupid to a vast swath of the country if they act like Petty Bettys and impeach again for no good reason).

"There could be shake-ups across other departments. The president has never been impressed with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, for example. But that doesn't carry the urgency of replacing Wray or Haspel," Axios continued. 

"The nature of top intelligence and law enforcement posts has traditionally carried an expectation for a higher degree of independence and separation from politics."

Said one source: "The view of Haspel in the West Wing is that she still sees her job as manipulating people and outcomes, the way she must have when she was working assets in the field. It's bred a lot of suspicion of her motives."

After John Brennan, it's quite obvious that the CIA has gotten just as corrupt and self-serving as the FBI...under James Comey...which was well utilized by Barack Obama.

Who isn't on the chopping block, according to Axios? Attorney General William Barr. 

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While the president has groused about Barr recently over the fact that there have still been no major indictments in the "Russiagate/Spygate" coup attempt -- and there should have been -- the president did say during an interview with "60 Minutes'" Lesley Stahl that the Russiagate figures are lucky that Barr is "a gentleman" and did not want to do anything prior to the election.

Clearly, the president will feel like he’s under a severe time limit and will want to get as much done, legislatively, and legally before he leaves office. Because he knows those people will come after him once he does.