REPORT: Climate Alarmist John Kerry’s Family Has Emitted 30x More Carbon in 2021 Than the Average Vehicle

Climate alarmist John Kerry is quickly proving to be one of the most hypocritical people in America. According to a new report, Kerry and his family are contributing to the so-called “climate” pandemic way more than the average American family.

“So far this year, Kerry’s family jet has already emitted 30 times the amount of carbon emitted by a typical passenger vehicle per year, data reviewed by Fox News show,” Fox News reported on Wednesday. “A Fox News review of flight data and an industry emissions calculator found that the jet emitted an estimated 138 metric tons of carbon on trips dating from Jan. 10 to Aug. 6.”

“For comparison, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that the average passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a given year. It’s unclear how much more the Kerry family jet will fly this year but so far, it has racked up 30 times more than the annual amount for the average passenger vehicle,” Fox reported.

Just this year, Kerry’s family has taken 20 trips, more than 26 total hours, on their private jet. Many of the trips were taken to Martha’s Vineyard where Kerry owns a massive resource gouging mansion.

“John Kerry’s climate hypocrisy is writ large,” said former member of President Trump’s transition team Steve Milloy.

“Elitist Kerry has justified his massive carbon footprint by saying that he is an important guy and must jet everywhere to save the planet. On the other hand, cynical Kerry has admitted that even if the world cut emissions to zero, that would not solve the ‘climate problem,’” he said. “Sure, Kerry makes a good poster child for climate hypocrisy, but he is not alone. Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama are some other mega-carbon footprint-making climate alarmists that come to mind. Having learned nothing from Marie Antoinette, these climate hypocrites sabotage their own efforts.”

Milloy also wondered why Kerry would own a home on an island if climate change is a real threat to ocean levels. “If climate is such an immediate and existential crisis, how does [Kerry] dare own a home on the island of Martha’s Vineyard? The only question about all this is the flavor of Kerry’s hypocrisy – elitist, cynical or both?”

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The Daily Wire reports:

In 2015, Kerry spoke about rising sea levels amid climate change. “We have people who still deny this: Members of the flat earth society who seem to believe that the ocean rise won’t be a problem because the water will just spill over the edge,” Kerry said at a United Nations Foundation meeting in Paris on the health of the world’s oceans.

In 2017, Kerry bought historic waterfront property at Seven Gates Farm in Chilmark. Using a private realty trust, Kerry paid $11.75 million for 18.5 acres and a house overlooking Vineyard Sound.

The ironic juxtaposition caught the attention of Charlie Kirk, a conservative commentator and founder of Turning Point USA. “If Joe Biden’s special ‘Climate Envoy,’ John Kerry, actually believed in Global Warming & rising sea levels, why would he live in a $12,000,000 waterfront mansion on the island of Martha’s Vineyard?”

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