REPORT: FBI Offered To Pay British Spy “Significantly” To Get Dirt On General Flynn

A handful of documents from the Justice Department have revealed particularly troubling instances from the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation against President Trump for Russian collusion, showing that members of the intelligence community knowingly used false information to present to the FISA courts in order to obtain a spy warrant against him and several members of his presidential campaign.

Officials in the FBI relied heavily on information gathered by British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the infamous ‘Steele dossier,’ but multiple reports revealing the lack of credibility of their key informant have gotten little to no attention from the media.


However, investigative reporters at the Daily Caller were quick to note a damning aspect of the Justice Department’s Inspector General report that was released late last year, detailing an extreme attempt from the FBI to dig up dirt on Michael Flynn, an associate on President Trump’s campaign, through illegal means.

Check out what the Daily Caller reported below:

The inspector general’s report, released on Dec. 9, 2019, said that FBI agents offered to pay Steele “significantly” to collect intelligence from three separate “buckets” that the bureau was pursuing as part of Crossfire Hurricane, its counterintelligence probe of four Trump campaign associates.

One bucket was “Additional intelligence/reporting on specific, named individuals (such as [Carter Page] or [Flynn]) involved in facilitating the Trump campaign-Russian relationship,” the IG report stated.

FBI agents also sought contact with “any individuals or sub sources” who Steele could provide to “serve as cooperating witnesses to assist in identifying persons involved in the Trump campaign-Russian relationship.”

This is just one of the many instances in which members of the intelligence community abused their power to target President Trump’s campaign over inherently false allegations of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. Recently declassified documents from the Director of National Intelligence also show troubling notes from the FBI, where members discussed their intentions to get Michael Flynn “to lie” or “get him fired” during questioning, despite the fact that the agency was planning to close the criminal case against Michael Flynn beforehand.

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Michael Flynn has been in and out of court for years as the result of charges brought about by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation a few years back, but in a stunning reversal in the case, the Justice Department finally decided to drop the criminal case after the release of the irrefutable evidence mentioned previously, proving without a doubt that he was illegally set up by law enforcement.

President Trump has shown unchallenged support for Michael Flynn throughout the entirety of the investigation from authorities, arguing that he was targeted by “dirty, filthy cops at the top of the FBI.”

Investigators within the Justice Department and the Republican Party hope to hold those responsible accountable for their inexcusable actions, and President Trump says he believes that “it should never be allowed to happen in this country again.”

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