REPORT: Germans Have to Flee to South America to Escape Islamist Migrants at Home

According to a shocking recent report in the BBC, the South American country of Paraguay is now home to a host of Germans that have fled to the country as refugees from Germany, fleeing the ravages brought by the Islamist “refugees” invited into the country by Merkel. Or, as the BBC put it:

A BBC investigation has discovered that thousands of German nationals have migrated to Paraguay in the last 12 months – to escape Covid restrictions and vaccinations in Europe.

But the pandemic is not the only thing driving this new wave of immigration.

As BBC Mundo’s Mar Pichel has been finding out, many of the new arrivals say they have become immigrants in Paraguay – because they are uncomfortable with Muslim immigrants at home.

One of the German refugees to Paraguay, putting the problem bluntly in the video, said:

We have a problem in Germany with Muslims. Islam and vaccinations are big, big problems in this world.

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His nation invited refugees into it and now, because of the horror wrought by them, along with the strict lockdowns, he and his family had to flee their home and escape to a country without an Islamist “refugee” problem.

Speaking more on the issue in Germany posed by the refugees invited in by Merkel, one of the Germans interviewed by the BBC first noted that the flow of refugees into Germany should have been more regulated, saying I think we should have more regulated migration [to Germany].

Then, continuing and expressing frustration with the lack of control ordinary Germans had over their nation’s fate, she exclaimed “We need to have a say in this!” But they didn’t have a say in it. Germany opened the floodgates to the hellish third world and native-born Germans had to flee to Paraguay as a result.

But, Paraguay at least seems to not have the same Islamist “refugee” problem as Germany and has managed to keep its Christian culture intact. Speaking on that, one of the Germans interviewed said:

Paraguay, in our experience, is a very Christian country, and we come from a Christian culture. We’ve got to know a great many people here and we’re on the same wavelength. In Germany it can’t happen like this, because in general the Muslims act so provocatively.

Still another added that she had to flee to Paraguay with her family to protect her children from being raped by the roving “refugees” that prey on German women while the police do nothing out of fear of being called “racist.”

Germany, a once mighty and proud country, has apparently been brought to its knees by the hordes of migrants let in by Merkel. Now, Germans that want to live out their Christian faith and not be raped by Islamists have to flee across an ocean to South America!

Unsurprisingly, the BBC team seemed hostile to the Germans, at one point interrupting to ask if an exiled German had any “evidence” that the Islamists were raping German women. The evidence is plain to see to all who look, but the liberals at BBC can’t bring themselves to admit it.

And that refusal to admit the problem is why the problem exists in the first place. The rape gangs and otherwise predatory migrants need to be dealt with, something impossible if those in charge refuse to recognize the problem at all.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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