REPORT: Manchin Puts His Foot Down During Argument With Bernie Sanders, Says He’s Okay With Tanking Spending Bill To Avoid Overspending

According to a scoop from Axios, Senator Joe Manchin and radical socialist Bernie Sanders had a heated back and forth about the spending plan proposed by Biden.

While Bernie wants upwards of $6 Trillion for the spending bill, Manchin stood firm and said he’d be okay with spending ZERO if it meant saving our country from rampant inflation.

“It also shows that despite the “kumbaya meeting” between Manchin and Sanders on Monday — after which they posed together for photos — the two remain sharply divided.” Axios added.

Democratic Senator Jon Tester detailed the disagreement between them as a “difference of opinion”.

Manchin said, “I’m comfortable with zero,” forming a “zero” with his thumb and index finger’ Bernie said, ‘We need to do three-and-a-half [trillion dollars].’ The truth is both of them are in different spots,” Tester said.

Senator Chris Coons also witnessed the argument, saying it was “A vigorous, 10-minute discussion”

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“[Manchin] said, ‘We shouldn’t do it at all,'” Coons added;

Coons then recalled Manchin saying the following, “This will contribute to inflation. We’ve already passed the American Rescue Plan. We should just pass the infrastructure bill and, you know, pause for six months.”

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