Report: Mike Bloomberg Courting Andrew Yang To Be Running Mate

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is courting former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang to be his running mate.

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Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has raised the prospect of the technology entrepreneur being his vice-presidential running mate, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Bloomberg has reportedly reached out to Yang, who dropped out of Democrat primary earlier February after poor showings in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, to brainstorm ways for the two work to together. 

However, one unnamed senior Bloomberg aide sought to pour cold water on the report, telling the Journal that Yang wasn’t being “seriously considered” as a possible running mate for the billionaire. 

The report comes after a former adviser to President Bill Clinton has predicted that Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton are plotting a way for her to become the 2020 Democratic nominee even though she is not officially in the race.

“Here’s the deal that I think is going down. I think Hillary and Bloomberg have gotten together and cooked up a scheme,” Dick Morris told John Catsimatidis on The Cats Roundtable radio show on Sunday.

He said Bloomberg would stay in the race, even if he has no chance of winning, in an effort to get at least enough support to keep Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders from running away with the nomination.

“Nobody will be nominated on the first ballot, and it’ll go to a second ballot,” Morris said of a brokered convention. “The problem is that the party establishment doesn’t have a candidate. They can’t do Bloomberg because he got killed in the debate. … Can’t do [Joe] Biden because he’s already lost the front-runner status. … [Pete] Buttigieg looks like a high school kid at the Model UN. … [Elizabeth] Warren is third, but she’s pretty far to the Left, and they’re not going to want to trust her.”

Morris said Sanders, the current front-runner, would “get massacred by Trump” in the general election and predicted that Clinton, the 2016 nominee, would enter the race on a second ballot at a brokered convention.

“And then Hillary begins to gain; the other candidates begin to drop out. And Hillary is the nominee. That, I think, is the establishment scenario,” he said. “Hillary is the only candidate that they’ll be able to come up with that can measure up to Donald Trump.”

Morris's comments come after reports suggesting that Clinton is considering being Bloomberg’s running mate should he become the Democratic presidential nominee.

Clinton’s comments came in response to an explosive report from Matt Drudge that claimed Bloomberg was considering asking Clinton to join his presidential ticket.

Drudge shared the report on Saturday after sources close to Bloomberg's campaign allegedly said he was considering Clinton as a choice.

Earlier this month, Clinton would not necessarily refuse if asked to be vice president.

While speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, Clinton was asked if she would consider accepting the position if one of the Democratic presidential candidates asked her to be on their 2020 ticket.

"Well, that’s not going to happen. But no, probably no,” Clinton vaguely said.

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Bloomberg will have to secure the Democratic nomination first, but early reports suggest he has Clinton and Yang in mind to serve as his running mate.