REPORT: Obama Is About To Get Even More Involved In The 2020 Election

Former President Barack Obama refused for quite some time to endorse Joe Biden, who served as his vice president for eight years.

But all of that changed last week when Obama finally came forward and endorsed Biden’s presidential campaign.

Obama released a 12-minute video on his social media platforms officially endorsing Biden now that there’s no one else running for the Democratic nomination.

After waiting to endorse Joe until every other Democratic candidate dropped out of the race, “insiders” are saying that Obama has seemed “very eager” to get started helping Biden take down President Donald Trump this November.

“He is very eager to do this,” an ex-Obama official told the New York Post. “I certainly expect President Obama to be very active.”

“The coronavirus disaster and the [federal] government’s inability to lead on it is searing in his brain…more than anything else Trump has done,” the insider explained, according to the Post. “Obama is generally heartbroken by the Donald Trump presidency.

The Post‘s sources suggested that while Obama is prepared to take on an active role in Biden’s campaign, it is unclear what exactly that would entail.

“While COVID-19 has put an end to in-person events, President Obama can still be deployed in a number of ways to help Vice President Biden,” Democratic strategist Eric Koch told the Post, “including unlocking his massive fundraising network, continuing to be visible in online videos that get big audiences, serving as a high-profile surrogate in a wide range of media and helping unify the party to face Trump.”

Now that Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee, he’s begun putting together a transition team, which may decide to circulate the names of some Cabinet nominees before November’s general election.

“I don’t want to say we started thinking about it a month ago, we did, because that sounds like I was certain this was going to happen, that I would be the nominee. I don’t want it to sound like that, but it has to happen, and that’s why the transition team is already being put together,” Biden told about 150 donors during his second virtual fundraiser Thursday.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee’s announcement suggests the two-term vice president and 36-year Delaware senator is looking past his fall fight with President Trump and making tentative preparations for governing.

While Biden declined to say who was in charge of the transition team’s selection, he indicated he was considering elevating some administration roles focused on global health security and pandemics, as well as climate change, to Cabinet-level spots.

At that event, he told donors he had discussed his potential Cabinet with former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and his old boss, former President Barack Obama. He also said he had started conversations with a range of people about whether they were willing to join him, seeking those who complemented his knowledge gaps and who “physically look like the country.” He may err toward “younger, really qualified” candidates “to build a bench” of future leaders, according to the pool report.

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“If the Lord Almighty said, ‘Joe, I tell you what. You have to decide in three hours what your Cabinet is, or you’re going to be bounced out of the race,’ I could write down who could be in the Cabinet. There are at least two or three people qualified for every one of those positions,” he said.

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