Report: Romney, Ryan Pushing ‘Pence Presidency’ In Senate; Only Need 10 More Votes For Impeachment

Democrats are still ramming ahead with their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over a phone call he had back in July with the Ukrainian president.

While almost no one is surprised that Democrats have launched another witch hunt, many might be shocked to learn about a new report suggesting some top Republicans may be trying to help remove Trump behind the scenes.


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One America News Network reporter Emerald Robinson tweeted out a bombshell on Thursday that Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Paul Ryan have teamed up to take down Trump.

And, according to Robinson, they only "need about 10 more votes" to impeach the president.

Robinson suggests that Ryan and Romney are pushing a “Pence presidency” as the best reason to dump Trump, and Robinson insists that their efforts are working.

"What's happening in the Senate right now? People like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are shopping around the idea that it's time to impeach Trump and bring in Mike Pence as President. They need about 10 more votes to get it done," Robinson wrote.

She added in a second tweet: "Republican senators could call a press conference today & say that under no circumstances would they vote to impeach Trump - because of the undemocratic tactics of the House Democrats. That would kill the impeachment drama. Why haven't they done it? Really makes you think."

There's little to no evidence available to support Robinson's assertion. If Romney/Ryan truly had that many Republicans who would support impeachment, it seems like we would know about it.

Or, Democrats would have already impeached Trump if they had enough Republican votes. 

But Robinson's report is interesting because deep down, many of us realize the Republican Party is full of weak-kneed establishment foes who refuse to stand by the president -- so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. 

The most interesting thing in Robinson's report is that Republican senators could call a press conference and announce that they will not vote to impeach Trump.

That would send the message that they are unified and standing with the president against the latest witch hunt from Democrats.

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That would kill the impeachment drama right then and there. 

But they haven't done that -- and that certainly raises a lot of questions.