Republican Senator Slams CNN Reporter: 'You're A Liberal Hack'

Social media was treated to quite a confrontation when a Republican Senator lashed out at a CNN reporter, calling him a "liberal hack" to his face when he asked a particular question.

It was former fighter pilot turned senator, Martha McSally, who was questioned by CNN reporter, Manu Raju. He asked her about the Senate considering any new evidence in the pending impeachment trial. His particular question revolved around information being shared by controversial figure Lev Parnas who faces his own legal battle and is now revealing unproven information in which people believe he's merely trying to self serve.


The situation with McSally and Raju happened as she was walking and he tried to pry an answer out of her about the above topic. She refused to answer his question, but instead gave him an answer he may not have desired.

Her response to his question:

"Manu, you're a liberal hack. I'm not going to talk to you" 

He pressed again, then she doubled down calling him a "liberal hack" once more before heading behind a closed door and leaving him behind.

This is where it gets even more interesting.

Manu Raju posted about the exchange on Twitter. He said the following:

Sen. Martha McSally, a Republican facing a difficult election race, lashed out when I asked if she would consider new evidence as part of the Senate trial. “You’re a liberal hack - I’m not talking to you. You’re a liberal hack.” She then walked into a hearing room.

This is where McSally steps in again, responding to his post and posting the video for all to see.

She said, "A) you are. B) here’s the video."

The response to her message has been entertaining, as this type of political drama is what people really enjoy on social media. Some people even donated to her after seeing how the former combat pilot responded to CNN's reporter.


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